XLterrestrials Attack ! Your City Might Be Next…



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It’s springtime, and XLterrestrials are on the move… We are currently booking upcoming CiTiZEN KiNO shows – cinema hacking, psychomedia analysis + tactical interventions, a live performance.

AND dj Podinski, Podmosis and Podopo are also available, bringing along the Globalista Radio Kits ( XLT archives, i.e. some of the most diverse and engaged collection that will make everything between your ears swim )

We’re up for invites from anywhere … fees always negotiable… and some freebie benefit and educational shows always considered. Contact us !

A few events coming up:

< April 30 > CiTiZEN KiNO #52.1 at GeorgSchwarzStr.Fest v.7 at Autodidaktische Initiative, Georg-Schwarz-str. 19 – 21:00h – Leipzig

< May 18 > C-KiNO #53 at Spektrum – 20:00h – Berlin

< June TBA > C-KiNO #54 – a Freiluft ( open-air ) Theater Special w/ Xtra Guests, at Panke, Berlin

< July/Aug TBA > LikaCamp and MMKamp, arts+ activism stuff, Croatia


to be cont…

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