On US (S)elections: Plan A + Plan B-ERNIE ( part 1 )



“We need to have a serious chat about DEMOCRACY ! … There isn’t one ! “

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Plan A + Plan B-ERNIE

As we were hunting for an image to lead the story on this dramatic global-scale election for who will take the role as Commander In Chief of the US Empire State, we thought to do a few searches for a really gripping and dripping cartoon appropriately dragging Hillary Clinton through her decades worth of accumulated mud. And even though there’s a bucket-load of exceptional winners, there was nothing funnier, more pathetic and more revealing in our quick search than this photograph.

Let’s get some business out of the way.

XLterrestrials wholeheartedly and 100% endorse BERNIE SANDERS ! There has never been a seriously (s)electable* choice on the ballot for a US president who stood so clearly and consistently on the side of social progress in our lifetime.

And it should be added, we never heard a political candidate in the US who so sincerely and fiercely spoke out for the cultural diversity of its population.

His recent speech in Arizona finally recognizing the trials and tribulations and genocide of the indigenous people of the Americas is poised to become a giant historical leap forward for (hu)mankind. Imagine a POTUS with an actual working relationship with the country’s non-massaged+mythologized history.  This epic achievement would actually dwarf the moon landing, which anyway – for us – was always about as technologically gimmicky as say a 1960s version release of an i-Phone 6.

That said, the planet is now in a dire state of perpetual crises.

And Bernie is Plan B !

Plan A is much more complicated.

Plan A entails building a community that, like a diverse biological wetlands, can withstand the worst monsoons of corruption and Stupidity Inc. … A variety of interconnected communities with strong ties will ultimately be required to keep the last 4-to-500 years of political + moral bankruptcy, which has marked the entire colonial enterprise from Day One, from rising back up like a foul and ghastly tide.

We’ll come back back over the next weeks and months to strategize and speculate what Plan A might look like…

Meanwhile we are working to help give Mr. Sanders a chance to eliminate The Shillary from the DNC running. 1. Because we think he can be far more successful in defeating the dangerous rise of popular fascist Trumpians and/or any other right-wing Republicrat agendas. 2. Getting involved in building this coalition of forces, now rapidly expanding behind Bernie’s campaign, will ultimately be of quintessential importance to evolving Plan A.

A little taste of Part 2 …


XLterrestrials  urgently recommend having a PLAN A, because there are surely many powerful forces working to prevent Bernie from making it to the next round ! And we all know how painful and debilitating it can be to have one’s hopes strangled in those seedy and sham-ridden theaters of democracy.

Please note: We use this hilarious, dark and unsettling Simpsons image of US politics to grab your attention. And as a warning that the playing field will undoubtedly get less cartoonish and more nasty.

We believe in the movement that Bernie’s kickstarted to battle the insane corruption in US politics, and we will work to expand the enthusiasm around the struggles he highlights so well. We should not give up on his bid for the presidency… in fact, his momentum is inspiring authentic and unprecedented desires for returning power to the people ! The changes are already palpable and real !

BUT even IF Bernie wins, you’ll be really glad you’ve built up more local and global solidarity, community alliances and a few strategies ready for the challenges that will undoubtedly come next !

* A note on (s)elections:

The 2-party RNC vs. DNC horror show that currently dominates the US political process should never be mistaken for the concept of an authentic and fair democratic election. We could rant endlessly on this, but we’ll have to keep it short. And a topic far too large a can of worms to open up in a footnote, but should be stated nonetheless:  Democracies in any nation-state are generally a tyranny of  a majority, and should never be considered an acceptable end goal.

And special Thanks to Guerrilla Socialists @GuerrillaDems for all the great Hillary cartoons – in one place…. have a look , and retweet often, if you’re using the social media platforms ! :)


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