Logan Symposium interpreted… Part 2


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And what if the internet is not recuperable … in its krapitalist incarnation ?! #logancij16

A question XLterrestrials have wished to pose for some time now to various players in the current digital culture “exodus”… i.e. for anyone who has access to read this now.

As we develop this part 2 analysis, we’d really like to thank Nafeez Ahmed, the creator of Insurge Intelligence ( a new crowd-funded investigative journalism project, link below )  for highlighting some key points of Snowden and Assange’s contributions to the discussion at the symposium. We were a little too busy being annoyed by the grim prospects of ever finding our way out of the corporate labyrinth that we – as users – continue to help construct around us… But perhaps the perceptual shift, the relationship to our machines,  has in fact already occurred….

In the meantime read Nafeez !

We couldn’t help noticing this recent composition from Leonard Cohen – Nevermind ( 2014) – makes a heart-jarring soundtrack to the darkness we feel enveloping the world when it becomes so seduced by the technotopian-makers’ realm. And we utilized our cover foto/collage from the video. Watch/Listen HERE.

And we actually got turned onto this song by this incredible remix from Doggy Brasco aka Haris Pilton aka ? … which manages to take it up a few notches, and puts the lyrics into a Yugoslavian context !

to be cont.

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