This Is What Globalistas Look Like! + “Ground Noise And Static”

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“Ground Noise And Static”

” Either the Crumbs or the Batons are on the table for the new democratic process, depending on where you stand. Not surprisingly the gloves are off… Not between those four spineless politico pimps (you see twaddling about on tv and around the net), but between our future and the last relics of that foul electoral charade.”

psychomedia analyst through the telepresent glass darkly

The Republicrat Dating Game

Not many would know that there are OTHER presidential candidates besides the Obama-Biden and McCain-Palin ticket, since the corporate media have essentially deleted their existence, and while the structure of electoral politics in the US has already effectively shoveled all their potential votes under the carpet.

And currently the pre-selection game seems to be to have the vast majority of citizens on the edge of their seats watching in utter astonishment at the epic new scale of deceit, as their futures are being traded down the Republicrats’ shit river. And then in the most humiliating theater of submission, they are forced to hold their noses, and yet somehow proudly vote the first-ever black American into executive office to save us from what’s behind that glittering Armageddon curtain represented by the straw-chompin dimwits of the patriotic (and nuclear) heartland. But shockingly ( though not surprisingly) there is little difference in the Republicrat positions, so it’s like a ballot water-boarding… that is when you come up for air you’ll pick the team that abuses you less.*

[And Oh yes, politics of fear is in full force. Those "Guantanamo commercials" have been running all season on the nightly news just to let you know that your worst fears could be waiting in room 101, should YOU not keep your erupting outrage to yourself, and/or to make you think that everything outside America's tall gangly order is verging on violent chaos.]

All the characters play their parts at full-throttle like cheeky veterans of The Dating Game in Hell, and afterwards they’ll come out on stage together and do a little power-burlesque finale together. And backstage the show’s sponsors will congratulate each other and imagine their series will return ad (-nauseum-) infinitum… with or without a nation… or its corpse dragged along by the hair.

* Added : Amy Goodman writes today at about how absurd the debates have become, well, because, a debate requires for debaters to actually disagree. We were wondering if anyone was going to organize a parallel debate for those excluded from the Republicrat Dog n Phony Show… And the report says that Third-Party debates are being organized in NYC for a day or 2 after Oct.15th, the final between Obama and McCain, and pressure is being put upon the Commission on Presidential Debates to include them into the official final round. But don’t hold your breath.

The Day After The Figurehead Selection

( the tactical section, coming soon )


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