This Techno-Industrialist Fetish, Is it WOMB ENVY ?!




So maybe now you’re starting to wonder what all this new A.I. “Space Race”  is about… We don’t know about you, but our newsfeed is flooded with items about ROBOTS ! And THINKING Robots !

Well, some of our XLterrestrial analysts have started wondering what’s going on – you know, the big picture ! Especially after watching this video…

A NOVA / PBS clip about the work of Pierre-Yves Oudeyer - Research Director at the French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation and head of the Inria and Ensta-ParisTech (FLOWERS) team …

And its not-so-strange artworld tie-in with David Lynch doing the design work, the little E.T-like ( penis ) heads … putting  “a literal face on the oddest collection of little learning robots. “

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XLT analysts

” What the f*ck is this techno-industrialist fetish and the predominantly male urge to desperately give birth to non-living “learning” gadgets, when it’s so painfully obvious that they are already such planetary deadbeat dads to the creatures of our current habitats, being so abundantly squandered + exploited +  slaughtered by their persistently detached brainspew and overstretched krapitalist-fueled narcissism and self-interest !?”  – Dr. Thrackmoore 3

Is it Vagina/Womb Envy !? ” asks Professor Flux

( borrowing a term from one of our hacker friends from the Berlin Crypto Parties, which he uses to refer to as a somewhat unusual but recurring trait of some hacklabbers, who do not wish to give up control of the things which they’ve created, which goes counter to the preferred open source hacker ethics. Though let’s face it, there isn’t much hope of reclaiming the commons in the landscape of industrial technospheres. )

” That sounds about right… And kinda feels like Lynch is stooging for A.I., which reminds me of Tim Leary’s dropping back IN for a little ( or a LOT of ) cash from Autodesk- an early Silicon Valley firm that sponsored him and others like J. Perry Barlow to go on the cyberhype lecture circuit…” Labcoat Kylie

“Ha, but I’m more interested in the bigger pic; What’s all the fuss about learning robots ? … I mean if you wanna learn about human learning,  work at a school with kids, and actually put some investment into living beings! … DOH ! ” – Dr. Thrackmoore 3

“Well of course the obvious answer there is: Ain’t no billions of dollars in venture capital for working w/ kids … for some strange reason… *sigh* … But who knows, maybe after TTIP, children will be back up on the market …  the commodity factor will incentivize more spending in new meat puppet development. ” – Labcoat Kylie

” Robots won’t need to be cared for… it’s the perfect house pet and/or slave for a psychopathic culture addicted to new things … Completely disposal labor… they can be tossed into a landfill in Nigeria after you’ve had your way with them. ” Prof Flux

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to be cont.

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