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< 10 March – 9 May 2016 > NERVOUS SYSTEMS: QUANTIFIED LIFE AND THE SOCIAL QUESTION is an exhibition by Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) in collaboration with the Tactical Technology Collective, co-curated by Stephanie Hankey, Marek Tuszynski and Anselm Franke.

( Note : Opening event in March 10th. )

Watch the Trailer Here at the TTC page

XLterrestrials are really excited to see what happens and what results may occur from this exhibition. While there’s some overlap in guests from Transmediale, and perhaps similar institutional handling of social crises, being once again in the HKW “discourse-container” … Yet, there is potential for some volatile and mind-altering substances in the mix, that may spill out into the contextual everyday urban pool of the local inhabitants.

Program + Exhibition include: Lawrence Liang, Mushon Zer-Aviv, Eyal Sivan & Audrey Maurion, James Bridle, Nishant Shah, Peng! Collective, Avery F. Gordon,  … and many more ! … And in a finnisage event in May with With Franco Berardi, Laboria Cuboniks and Evgeny Morozov … which we wish was sooner and/or throughout.

XLt analysts’ ready to engage…

Though already we suspect a few topics may have been inconveniently left off the table… namely calling out the Techno-Fascist trajectories … and too few Opt-Out categories ( whatever that could mean, we still don’t know ) …  perhaps :)

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< March 11-12 > The Logan CIJ Symposium, Berlin

” Challenge power! Building alliances against Secrecy, Surveillance &Censorship “

Guests include: Dr Nafeez Ahmed ( INSURGE intelligence / VICE / Middle East Eye / Anglia Ruskin Uni  ) — Simon Levi ( Xnet ) —- Seymour Hersh —- Stefania Maurizi —  Anas Aremeyaw Anas ( an undercover journalist, attorney and private detective working in Ghana and Africa ) —- Wikileaks —-  etc…

Recently a researcher* reminded us to revisit the Cypherpunks book, which came out in 2012 ( u can view it here, along with a review by Cryptome )… and ALL the authors of this book will be speaking at the Logan Symposium ( including Assange from London) . While we have a pretty clear overview of the importance of encryption, a means of direct action + civil disobedience in a thoroughly corrupt and dangerous era of authoritarian trends, which include a cybernetic form of “regime changes” and omnipresent surveillance abuse. But we question some of its potential misconceptions in the fight for civil liberties… and a healthy sustainable planet.

The platonic nature of the internet, ideas and information flows, is debased by its physical origins. Its foundations are fiber optic cable lines stretching across the ocean floors, satellites spinning above our heads, computer servers housed in buildings in cities from New York to Nairobi. Like the soldier who slew Archimedes with a mere sword, so too could an armed militia take control of the peak development of Western civilization, our platonic realm. “ writes Julian Assange.

While the book provides a uniquely powerful warning about what the internet has become, the XLterrestrials would perhaps take this one philosophical AND tactical step further :

Our very real physical incarnations / situations are rather debased by information flows and the internet, which can hardly be called “a platonic realm”… These constructed pipelines of communication do not resemble anything like spiritual love, rather are industrial tools which may shape, capture and reduce our desires to connect with fully-dimensional human beings …  into some alien Other. They quite possibly transform a platonic realm and our existential mind/body being into a high-speed cybernetic networks and very impoverished misrepresentations, like transforming life and blood of living thinking organisms into disembodied + manipulable coded systems, whose overarching designs are metaphorically and literarily constructing A STEERING WHEEL ( kybernetic),  primarily accessible to those who either operate statecraft ( or as Keller Easterling calls extrastatecraft)  and/or those who are the most economicly + technologically advantaged/empowered/privileged… which is almost certainly not YOU ( on your desktop, laptops, mobile devices and whatnot ).

Isn’t it the dream of such ( cognitive krapitalist ) pipelines which has manifested the current dilemma ?! Granted it is exacerbated by the corporate endgame frenzies, but it is the dream itself, which rings like a John Perry Barlow Silicon Valley cartoon-start-up mission statement, especially now that the thing, this cybernetic other, has shown its true teeth !

Are we still following this massive error in our desire to reclaim and to liberate a not-so-innocent little a-platonic realm … our baby-Frankenstein ?!

Shouldn’t we be fighting for the various embodiments of love and intelligent social structures / organisms and a healthy earthbound-basis of shared realities …  at least until the Singularity Inc. arrives in c. 2045, when all the Kurzweillian geek discipledom has opened up the open-sourced pearly  Gates (Google’d + Bill’d) for all our spiritual circuits to be permanently entered elsewhere … and/or all our physical habitats (irreparably) deleted … ahem, no joke.

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* re: unnamed researcher. the XLTs have a different kind of critique than this researcher, so until we have time to adequately understand and analyze the ones presented there, we prefer to leave this link anonymous. But thanks for pointing us back to the cypherpunks, in their own words.



< March 3-5 > Civil Society 4.0 – Refugees and digital self-organization at HKW, Berlin

Refugees, volunteers, activists, and supporters from different backgrounds will come together for two and a half days at Haus der Kulturen der Welt to discuss, network and share their knowledge about digital self-organization.

To contribute to the congress, you don’t have to be a professional speaker or scientist // we are all experts of our own lives and experiences.

This congress is open to everyone!

In cooperation with Asyl-in.de, Chaos Computer Club Berlin e.V., Refugee Hackathon, Maptime Berlin, metroZones, Migration Hub, Refugee Emancipation e.V., reboot.fm, We Are Born Free! Empowerment Radio

Comment: This is great to see HKW working with all these groups, stepping in with practical intervention and assistance. But we might see problems arising, in that “digital organisation” will be a secondary concern to most? refugees, who are not being given basic rights and access to primary life necessities… i.e. abilities to rent apartments, jobs, cash + basic income, freedom of mobility. But, obviously digital culture assistance will give them more chances to fight for a better position in their new homes, new countries …

Analyzing this event at HKW may reveal new insights and routes for more citizens to get involved ! 

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