The Launch of DiEM25 in Btropolis, 09.02.16









Amazing debates were already unfolding around the initiative to form a new Democracy in Europe Movement – DIEM25 ( and the Manifesto ) on Monday in Berlin¬† …

A roundtable discussion w/ Talk Real – with Yanis Varoufakis, Marisa Matias, S. Sierakowski, V. Orazzini, Lorenzo Marsili … … skip to VID START: 19m:38s -¬† “Enjoy” and/or pull your hair out, but by all means … pay attention !

Today, we feel trapped between a rock and a hard place. Squeezed between a failing and undemocratic European Union and equally failing and undemocratic national states.
But beyond sterile arguments over the benefits of an independent nation-state or of a united Europe, we think that what we should really be talking about is how to organise to transform both.

Much to add about the day of deliberations/workshop and the evening launch event at the Volksbuehne, felt like an epic historical turn unfolding … we’ll have to come back to share some impressions.

An option and a force arises to save EU from fanatical krapitalism, austerity, idiocracy and nationalist devolution!


to be cont.

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