CiTiZEN KiNO #51 : Unmapping Existence + Unchartered Waters


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< 17.02 > CiTiZEN KiNO #51: Unmapping Existence + Unchartered Waters at Spektrum, Berlin, 20:00h

The frackbook invite

The C-kino #51 Titan Pad for sharing ideas, media + resources

In part, a response to both the tsunami of metadata-like introspection of “conversation pieces” at Transmediale * and the coming 2 weeks of shrinkwrapped spectacles and celebrity-itis of the Berlinale Festival, we will attempt to use C-KINO #51 to go beyond the screens, the cozy discourse and analytical lenses with pragmatic art attacks !

The act of unmapping ourselves from the usual territories of arts and culture could be a method to discovering how we might initiate a more resistant mobility.¬† Searching for social interactions and interventions existing outside of flattened art representations¬† + objectification + narratives, as well as the industrial trends of obsessively tracking, visualizing, and data-frying human endeavors, we take a dive into Unchartered Waters…

Essentially this is wild card for what kinds of media bits + analysis we might present in order to provoke more activity off-the-grid of known territories and captured audience settings… and closer to the action !


This is a video – news item – we came across 2day…

Artists Respond to City Sweep of Homeless for Super Bowl 50 | KQED Arts

… as we were imagining what tact to take to follow all the dense discussions and proposed ideas that took place at Transmediale 16… topics which went far deeper than most arts+media festivals, but still left us a little cold and somewhat lost in what concrete actions to take next … on a number of urgent situations…

We’ll be hunting more media which provide examples of pragmatic art attacks… ( which can certainly get more radical than what KQED – a long-established San Francisco media channel – would be allowed to broadcast )

So if you have other suggestions of media and/or project links to add to the mix, send us…

We’ll be posting a Titan Pad link shortly, to collect resources and discuss ideas for the C-KiNO event.


* see XLT analysis of Transmediale – #TM16 – Festival

AddEd: to 2nite’s C-KINO #51, analysis of Berlin start-up porn ;) Don’t Miss ! @Info_Activism


+start_up_dubsmash8startup_5_selfie + startup_7_taxi

know your enemies ;)

to be cont.

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