XLterrestrials on Transmediale 2016 || v.1: Faustian Shadows + Conversation Desserts


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< FEb 3-7 >  Transmediale 2016, HKW in Berlin


v.1: Faustian Shadows + Conversation Desserts

( desserts or deserts? … guess it depends on who you’re talking to, and whose picking up the tab )

XLterresrials are pouring over the Transmediale 2016 catalogue program for this years ” Conversation Piece ” themes.  It’s got some juicy text and context:

New vocabularies and sensibilities are needed to express and distinguish between the different possible social, economic, and technological models that are now being created in order to deal with the planet’s increasingly precarious living conditions. This entails a rebooting of conversation and a facing up to the anxieties of late capitalism.

Something that could come out of a Brian Holmes ( author of Continental Drift and Escape the Overcode ) situational cookbook preface… who is btw, on-hand to engage the conversations this week…

But let’s hope the meat + potatoes of the symposium is going to go beyond reboot CONVERSATIONS… we’ve done all that before! “Sensibilities and vocabularies” … been there, done that !

But hey, there are few arts+tech+media festivals even putting this urgent + heavy contextualization on their font burners !  So let’s give em that ! AND let’s go push that conversation over the chatty brinks …

Let the love + rage + strategies bubble over !

to be cont.

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Btw, XLterrestrials took part in this year’s Vorpiel program again to infiltrate and provocate, presenting our 50th episode of CiTiZEN KiNO : The Art Festival Corpse … ( read more here )

And we explored a few other intriguing + well-executed events in this 3-week long extensions of TM into the local spheres, i.e. multiple venues around town… over 35 venues and hundreds of artists…

There were some inspiring moments. Yet with all the TM talk of change, there was no funding provided to any of these artists ( nor curators + venue makers ), as far as we know… AND it’s a debate that needs a little xtra juice from the arts labor sector ! And not to criticize just TM, which does a pretty incredible job putting on their intellectual smorgasbord and challenging programs….

BUT a question to ask: why is such a festival so poorly funded ? .. AND what NEW DEMANDS are we gonna make from a city that purports to be a booming cultural capital of not just Art, but living, breathing ARTISTS, who presumably need to have a sustainable livelihood ?! … rather than selling themselves short to the arts+tech industry-hype, market capitalization + capture , and to the usual tech-fetischism fare ?!

and btw, FUCK “ART”, isn’t it time for realworld change … w/ some serious social artistry ?!

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