Dear Arts + Praxis friends, we’ve come to our 50th episode of CiTiZEN KiNO …



< Jan-27 > CiTiZEN KiNO #50, the art festival corpse, at Spektrum for Transmediale ( Vorspiel ), Berlin

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Dear arts and praxis friends,

Hope this finds you all in feisty creative spirits !

Kind of hard to believe, but we’ve reached the 50th episode of CiTiZEN KiNO, our platform for navigating current global situations and the less-than-adequate arts + media environments.

And you are all invited, whether or not you live in the Btropolis… YOU can also participate online from wherever you are ! See more below.

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This is an extremely complex show to put together in which will re-examine our arts + media activism roots… i.e. how and why we found ourselves in this urgent mode of deconstructing the cinema medium, in the hopes of upgrading the collective community engagements and arriving at some public navigation system to deal with all the current social challenges.  A little self-analysis !

Following that, we’ll examine the “Arts Festival Corpse” :

For us – XLterrestrials  -  we imagine the days of the usual arts fare / festival platforms either a dying format OR they are taking the radical turn towards community engaged ARTS + PRAXIS…i.e. less spectacle + entertainment forms + less art on walls, less talk… and more engagement with the pressing and urgent challenges of our times. Then, we examine what it might mean to re-imagine artist livelihoods in these times of digital colonialism, which is de-valueing community creativity and production.

ANd we’d also like to celebrate that we’ve come this far ! So some little after”party” mix will probably be following the roughly 2-hour C-KiNO program, and it would be great to have you there with us.

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We have Big Plans for 2016, and we are looking for collaborators in various cities…

And we’ve set up a new Patreon page, where you can DONATE funds:

But we don’t feel any desire to overdo our participation in the cybernetic games ;) … so if you would like to get in touch directly and find out how you can help… you can bypass Patreon, and just send us a mail, and ask us how you can support the projects.

Looking fwd to hearing from you .. and seeing those of you who are here in the Btropolis !

Solidarity + Schoene Gruesse !


arts + praxis organisms


Invite yur friends, engage yur enemies ;)

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