The Hollywood Headshrinkers in Lucasville


An XLT Review

Ok, The Force Awakens wasn’t so bad… We survived it, as an anthropological and psychomedia investigation into a DIM society ! …

Its main effect is to make us crave someone, Anyone who would give Lucas (and Abrams) a tough interview about the infantalism and propaganda of Hollywood, current US warmongering politics, GUNS, American exceptionalism, the 1%, the stolen public ( and indigenous ! ) lands where the billion dollar Lucas franchise now sits in The Presidio National Park in San Francisco, and the continuity of racism and militarism in the industry and society at large.

Because really when it comes down to it they are just totally banal krapitalist idiots, like 12-year-old boys wielding mass media weaponry… and of course the entertainment + celebrity industrial complex just panders to these sci-fi amateurs like more fan boys and product pushers.

to be continued ?

is it worth it ?

Spoiler Alert:

Marilyn Manson as Hans Solo’s son, who breaks out into the leitmotiv Broadway ( Nazi ) chorus of ” I must kill my father, again ” … was a little tedious … would have preferred something a little more perverse and franchise disruptive !

Um, unlikely we’ll find more time to go into this, but J.G. Ballard’s rant in 1977 should suffice:

Hobbits [ and Muppets ]  in Space ?

( via Henry Warwick’s threads, thx ! )

Footnote: The Walt Disney Company acquired Lucasfilm in 2012 at a valuation of $4.06 billion.



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