XLterrestrials Guide to #PostCOPs : Where Are We NOw ? ( part 8 )


The Paris DEAL was done… And the question remains: Where does that leave us now ?! What message and tasks does that leave us with ?! In one word :


verb gal·va·nize \?gal-v?-?n?z\

: to cause (people) to become so excited or concerned about an issue, idea, etc., that they want to do something about it

: to cause (a force that is capable of causing change) to become active

But one word is absolutely not enough…


< DEC.16 > CiTiZEN KiNO #48: An XLt Guide to Corporate Climate Terror and Beyond COPs at Spektrum, Berlin, 20:00h

frackyboook invite here, show us yur solidarity, if yur on this platform, and share w/ friends, it helps.


< Dec. 26-30 > Also upcoming dates to be announced for Chaos Communications Congress 32C3 in Hamburg … more info coming soon

Some reports and summaries we like so far…

Grand promises of Paris climate deal undermined by squalid retrenchments by George Monbiot

And our own initial and brief XLterrestrials RANT :

There is very little to be happy about in regards to the official # COP21 Deal… there were no oil corporations thrown under the bus, there were no CEOS nor govt cronies + lobbyists that were condemned and/or thrown under the bus, no oil drills or refineries or coal mines or coal burning power plants shut down TODAY, there was nothing that guarantees the end of indigenous peoples (and others in the most endangered and impoverished areas ) suffering and dying under the Oiligarchy Regimes that currently rule, there are no agreements for reparations, and there is way too little that prevents big business from continuing to put all of our lives at risk !…

BUT we can be inspired by so many bad ass people around who will carry on this fight against the Mother Earth Fuckers !

Time to get busy !

A 2nd rant, a day later, as we ponder and prepare our CiTiZEN KiNO event 2morw night in Berlin…

” Remember all those debates we had the last couple years re: Anthropocene, Anthrobscene, Manthropocene, Misanthropocene, Corporacene, 6th Mass Extinction, etc… ( and at many Citizen Kino shows ) … Well now after COP21 in Paris , we can without hesitation say that Transnational Corporate Krapitalism has transformed a bunch of global puppets into the united front for Techno-Fascism ! In other words, to continue sacrificing lives while it sucks the earth further down into its dismal factory reign of a disconnected technotopianism ( and/or the new eco-modernism). And we’ll have a lot of urgent work ahead of us to defend human rights. species rights. sustainable livelihoods and the living planet from this coalition of the willing idiocracy. ” XLt analyst #2

Note on Foto at top : From artist researcher (and light artist ) Yann Toma… haven’t read yet if he was officially supported / hired to do up the Eiffel Tower, or it was guerrila actions… or it was a crew of people, or art group… will write more on this later.

oh: the Eiffel Tower illuminated by French artist Yann Toma and architects from Artel. The participative light project, Human Energy, is an art work of lights on the Eiffel Tower aimed at ‘accelerating the Climate Revolution by lighting up the Eiffel tower during COP21′ conference on climate change through December 5-12.

was it subversive ENOugh ? we wonder. NO !

And a little MUSIC For all the comrades who came out to put the pressure on in Paris … and forward for an inhabitable planet for ALL … Speed Caravn’s cover of Chemical Bros. Galvanize ! Yum ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smpqViqPYvA

STiLL Processing… Some Links / Reports :

new: http://www.newyorker.com/news/john-cassidy/skeptical-note-paris-climate-deal


New Internationalist :


350.0rg :



the more positive, less critical views?

Mother Jones :


Washington Post :


to be cont.

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