The XLterrestrials Guide to 12.12.12h – Beyond #COP21 ( Part 7 )



< DEC.12 > Call for Action ! Create ! Mobilise ! Have the Last Word on #COP21 …in Paris and Everywhere… More Info HERE : #D12

WE still don’t know how the negotiations will conclude at #COP21, but we already know that many voices have been excluded. We know that corporate players have been deeply embedded in the process, and any negotiations made will be difficult to enforce so long as their power remains so deep within the governing bodies.

We know that the industrialized nations have already done much irreparable harm, and no one has put on the official table any kind of reparations to Mother Earth, nor to any of us – the global citizens – whose lives have been severely endangered and affected by decades of environmental exploitation, toxification and grave disrespects to all living organisms !

We know that the massive public relations game will make it look like world leaders have things under control, when in fact it is the systems which they defend ( by force ) that are the root of the problem. We know that many will suffer the consequences of any increase of temperatures, whether it’s a 3, 2, or 1.5 degrees limit imposed. We know that we as a society, when freed from the bonds of corporate economic scams and domination, can be much better stewards of our environment and our cultures !

So beginning on 12.12.12h … DEc. 12 at Noon… the date called to defy the ban on protests in Paris… and a call for solidarity everywhere… is when THE PEOPLES’ CLIMATE SUMMIT rises to the occasion and sets forth the paths and the means for a better future for ALL.





More Climate Posters HERE … Spread em !

to be cont.

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