The XLT Guide to Realistic Goals +/or Dreaming Like Eco Ninjas at #COP21 and Beyond ( Part 6 )

Shaolin Temple Master Yuan Shi Xing Wu Tai Chi Qigong Kung Fu Classes Vancouver

Not exactly the image we were looking for this COP21 entry… We were hunting for Shaolin kids in a forest, gender diversity, and/or a group of mixed generation people and nationalities all training together, a ferocity of discipline and determination. That combination would be the right direction for seeking solutions under these endangered times.

But because we’ve been reading many articles where the image of ferocity became the most alluring … this is Shaolin Master Yuan-Shi-Xing-Wu to help get us started. To help cut through all the misleading crap and/or the soft-n-fuzzy diplomacy of the “sensible” corporate lackey journalism….

Then a friend ( from The Center for Biological Diversity, Thx ! ) sent us an article filled with all the necessary nitty-gritty to get a handle on the whole scope of the matter at hand ! Perhaps one of the most realistic assessments of the situation, and best analysis and tactical considerations we’ve come across thus far… And it got us back on a perhaps more realistic track :

Paris and After

- by Tom Athanasiou – the director of the Earth Island project EcoEquity.

The shifts to a healthier climate will take about TWO TRILLION DOLLARS a year for DECADES, and that’s just for the energy sector transitions …

But do not despair, the eco-ninjas are plotting, and it ain’t just about robbing the globe-trampling banks, the tech titans, and the celebrity-creep-savants …  it’s a multiple-levels thing ! :)

And steering clear of the #FalseSolutions


Well, ol’ Arnold “governator” Schwarzenegger who arrived in Paris this week ( along with Gov. Jerry Brown )  is spouting half-reasonable words of urgency… even a broken clock is right twice a day.  And one should remember what his turning GREEN looked like in 2004. This celebrity egghead owned SEVEN HUMMERS… and assisted bringing the gas-guzzling military-designed vehicle to a consumer market.

to be cont.

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