The XLterrestrials Guide to Tech Titans, Techno-Fascism and Stoopid Media at #COP21 (part 4)


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Part 4 :


These are players who just aren’t ready to address Real System Change

Surfing the news of #cop21 today has been a very depressing affair… and one of the scary things that jumps out at us – XLterrestrials analysts – is mass media and the Global mis-leaders looking to the so-called Tech Titans and corporate sector business for solutions to the Climate Crisis.

You could reasonably argue that we will need them to take such giant steps in these urgent matters… and so it’s ok to have some very mixed feelings… and we’ll need to process all angles very carefully ! BUt, first we must shoot from the hip… i.e. when it comes to corporate criminals, shoot first, and ask questions later ;)

We ended the last XLt report w/ a link to the article about Zuckerberg, Gates and Richard Branson forming a coalition for renewable energy investments…

And given the latest news about Zuckerbergs’ rather dubious approach to charity in a letter to their new-born daughter – what the New Yorker and others are calling the Rise Of Philanthrocapitalism … a little or ALOT of suspicion is warranted in regards to looking to the Titans for what has essentially already been decades of abuse by such billionaire “social planning” – otherwise known as Shock Doctrines, Disaster Capitalism, Predatory Markets… or…  as we like to call it Corporate Krapitalism.

Another Titan not in this particular coalition is Elon Musk – Capitalism+ tech sector’s New Great White Hope, weighing in on the carbon tax on fossil fuel solutions. As James Hanson also does on Democracy Now 2day.

These are players who just aren’t ready to address Real System Change.  And to some extent, it’s turning our oppressors ( the 1%) into some white knight saviours…  a kind of Stockholm syndrome of the energy + climate crisis. BUt we -as a thinking , acting society can and should imagine better ! Much much better … One XLt analyst responds:

” We can’t help think that ideally we should be imagining how to withdraw from the influence of the so-called Tech Titans and billionaire’s being our energy providers and the gatekeepers to the new technologies. Isn’t it now possible w/ technological breakthroughs to start thinking of local de-centralized mesh network energy via renewables, i.e. localized house-to-house solar grids as opposed to massive solar farms…?? and whatver new forms are on the horizons… There’s just too much waste and greed and consumer manipulation in the for-profit systems which got us into all theses crises to begin with. Let’s halve, if not entirely remove, our intake of Billionaire Flatulence at Cop21… and everywhere else ! If we’re gonna look to tech to help us get out of this looming catastophe, let’s DIY it, post-capitalize it, re-distribute the power and wealth of new innovations… and drop these little system tweaks from those who already spent the last decades fucking our planet … into a 6th Mass Extinction! “

Obviously without alot of scientific detail to follow thru on here, but one has to aim one’s sights in the proper directions first… So, calling all science brains to start weighing in … on these OTHer … more radical … real… paradigm shifts ! And there’s of course tons of work going on in the realm of Commons Transitions and P2P, but we’ll have to investigate that in other articles.

We will come back to write more on this topic… re: Techno-fascism… Alot of which we’ve written about previously in its relation to Techno Solutionism, Technotopias, and the whole Anthropocene debates. ( links ).

Techno-fascism at Cop21 is , as we expected, showing its fangs by trying to exclude the struggles and rights and survival needs of Indigenous people who are AGAIN getting the colonizer’s shaft…

And we’ll need to elaborate on the Rise … or … the continuity… of good ol’ neo-liberal +neo-colonial aggressions in the form of A New Techno-Industrial Fascism… ( think global-scale DISRUPTIONS )

stay tune. With links to some of the indigenous groups representing in Paris.


Indigenous Peoples Release Joint Statement to UN Talks in Paris on Climate Change

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the Kent Brockman meme ( more on the Kent Brockman character, created in the early 90s by Brad Bird and voiced by Harry Shearer )

Brockman is an ingenious lampoon of pandering corporate media… If you really want to get involved in solutions to climate change and destruction of our only habitat- planet earth. Turn OFF the Stoopid capitulating media ( or keep it in the corner of your eye and re-contextualize it, in order to assist in the de-brainwashing of the seduced masses who consume + consult it as truth ). In short, FUCK THE CORPORATE SELL-OUTS !

( and sorry, we borrowed this meme link, from a nice article critiquing Zuckerborg’s “charity”, but not sure where now. too much surfing 2day. )

to be cont.

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