The XLterrestrials Guide to Global Misleaders + Climate Terror Interventionists + Climate Justice Warriors ( Part3 )


Without global citizens protesting, Cop21 might look like another episode of #TitanicCops … Yep the #21 means that they’ve been at it for 21 years, and are still bumbling about like fools with vested-interest corporate funding up their asses ! And Global MISLEADERS currently seem more interested in starting another World War than solving global crises … ie. the Syrian Vote in the Cameron-conned UK.

The XLterrestrials Guide to Global Misleaders + Climate Terror Interventionists + Climate Justice Warriors ( Part3 )

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And if you listen to Naomi Klein’s reports at Demo Now ( nov.30 ) … You will understand that it was dedicated environmental activists who put pressure on govt. policy makers, i.e. the White House backing down and dropping their corrupt krapitalist plans like the XLpipeline deals… So without people going to Paris and putting pressures on the Global MISLEADERS, we are all in even deeper shit…

Sure, there’s some stoopid stuff with some of these NGOs, activist orgs, some privileged jet-setter campaigners … BUT let’s first just show some Fr*ckin SOLIDARITY for the people who are there putting the necessary pressure on… and some real climate justice warriors !


Sure it doesn’t make sense for all of us to fly 1000s of kilometers to Paris and fight for Climate Justice there, but let’s get creative and show support for all those who are working there to do what they can under the extreme pressures … and the new state of distracting and/or bogus emergencies. The Corporate Military Industrial State is THE emergency !

[ And btw, if you're near enough to still get to Paris by/for dec.12th with a bus / train / carpool, pretty sure that some presence there will be greatly appreciated ! So many hard-working orgs and all the alternative voices could use your help to make a wider impact! ]

Your ideas to spread the tactical messages here:  __________ !  ( suggestions welcomed ! )

As somewhat experienced tactical media artivists, we’d recommend flooding the net with all the global warrriors who have inspired you thus far. And let’s amplify the indigenous and developing nation voices who aren’t getting enough media attention.


I.e. this video from Rueanna Haynes, Trinidad & Tobago’s First Secretary to the UN (frackbook ) – and her full talk ( on Nov 16th, pre-Cop21 )

And of course, mere Clictivism is NEVER going to be ENOUGH ! So jog yur BRAINS and your FEET for new ways to turn up the heat on the Corporate Climate Terror ! … net-wide, globally and locally. Hey why not organize some local actions TODAY !??

Other News, Perspectives, Angles …

On another note, We were actually very curious to know what it means for the 27 activists ( may be more by now ) who were put under house arrest for Cop21… and The Intercept did a nice report to show us a little of what the harrasment looks like.

And in the world of litigation activism, the case against Exxon-Mobil is going to get very interesting. Only let’s NOT compare this to the tobacco industry cases… they are still in business, and no one went to jail. Let’s THINK BIGGER, let’s consider seizing the assets of climate terrorists, and perhaps even nationalizing criminal krapitalist enterprises and thereby taking away the corporate charters which have allowed their unaccountablity … Companies which have mangled and destabilized entire nations like Shell did in Nigeria.

And of course ENDING the fossil fuels industry is the ultimate goal, and BUILDING UP local-scale renewables, as opposed to re-inventing corporate giants w/ new green costumes and their greenwashing PR branches.

OMFG , have you seen Shell’s new ( sexist and dim-witted) ad campaigns ??? , if you have time these are hilarious, and could use a little culture jamming.

News items on this story:

Exxon Targets Journalists Who Exposed Massive Climate Cover Up

As NY State Probes Exxon, Oil Giant Targets the Journalists Who Exposed Climate Change Cover-Up

XLterrestrials do not sit idly by while corporations harass dedicated journalists doing their job to expose the mother-earth-fuckers ! We ACT !

The Corporate Sponsors of Cop21

Why are fossil fuel companies sponsoring the Paris climate talks?

And this is really cute …

Zuckerberg, Gates and other tech titans form clean energy investment coalition

Stand-by for a deep analysis of the 1st world emergency response team Welcome to Techno-Fascism…  in our next report.

to be cont.

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