An XLterrestrials Guide to C02lonialism at #Cop21 (part 2)


XLterrestrials Guide To Corporate Climate Terror – #COP21 and BeyondPart 1 is here

XLT Guide TO C02lonialism at #Cop21 (part 2) :

In Germany’s largest left media outlet, Die TAGESZEIT  headline image for Dec.1st is the row of world leaders as a mock choir singing “We Are The World”, and a tag for the foto breaking down the 151 leaders of nations representing, which includes 10 women, 9 Monarchs, one Kardinal, and 1 Kanzlerin.

It’s a little hard not to be cynical , depressed, distressed, pissed off…  about what’s transpiring in Paris, though the words coming out of their lips seems to be more rational than usual. And we are all hoping that Some Giant Steps to a more rational global strategy for climate change AND climate justice will be negotiated, instead of the the usual buffet of war, oppression, exploitation, corporate dominance and doublespeak.

But as a young indigenous leader from North America, Eagle Woman appearing only in fringe left media says. ” IF YOU ARE NOT AT THE TABLE, YOU ARE ON THE MENU.”

From what we learned ( and were reminded ) from a NY Times article on Sunday, the dealings around limiting CO2 emissions is a massively complex and literal tug-of-war business between rich and poor nations. And one cannot imagine coming to these meetings with any Band Aid sentimentality, especially if you happen to be on the low-end of this hierarchical nightmare !  The equation + situation for fair dealings is practically  impossible without a more evolved and empowered council of nations. [ the U.N. in this case, is merely like a priest at an orgy of bankers and Mafioso. ]

Meanwhile on the OUTSIDE of the COP21


+brandalism666+brandalism777 +brandalism222+brandalism888

For all us situationist-inspired artists, guerilla media-makers, culture jammers, etc. #brandalism hitting #COP21 is an eye-pleasing and soul-teasing exercise… And the more people take part in it the better ! There’s even a How-To video to get you started…

> BrandalismUK@BrandalismUK 23h23 hours ago
Inspired by our #brandalism actions? This is how easy it is: – Video by our friends at @SpecialPatrols <

But if anything, the gravity of what’s going down in Paris should be signifying a sea-change in what is required of all artivists + citizens + outsiders in the 21st century. We need new tactics, and we need them fast !

A picturesque 20,000 empty shoes is not going to cut it. We appreciate the beauty of symbolic actions, we appreciate the commitments to non-violence, we respect all who step-up to push back with civil disobedience, but we’ll need to put more bodies and commitment on those “red lines”, and we all in our hearts should know that … by now.

New forms of solidarity, mass action and civil disobedience…

and/or un-civil unrest ?


to be cont…


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