An XLterrestrials Guide to Corporate Climate Terror at #Cop21


Coming Soon To A Global Theater Near You ! :

< Nov.30-DEc.11 > 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference – COP21 -

Anyone out there wanna help compile some resources for this – for #cop21 and Beyond – and help construct the XLt analytic and tactical view ?!? … contact us ! Send us your thoughts, your links, your strategies !

Here’s the relevant and inspirational links so far:

*new* Paris climate activists put under house arrest using emergency laws ( 27.11 )

*new* Paris Climate Talks Avoid Scientists’ Idea of ‘Carbon Budget’ ( 28.11 )

What’s really at stake at the Paris climate conference now marches are banned by Naomi Klein

Call climate change what it is: violence by Rebecca Solnit





ACTIONS for # COP21 :

< Nov. 30 – Dec 12 > Climate Games Project … ( From some of the same peeps who organized actions at COP16 in Copenhagen ). Excellent press/media page there as well.

< Nov. 29 > #climatemarch – everywhere


< Nov. 29th > Global Climate March,  in Berlin, Hauptbanhof

Fedbook invite

“Yo Btropolis, in case you need a reminder for 2morw…. yeah, it’s just another MARCH ( and Sunday at that, when all the politicians are not around ) … BUT think of it as a place to find your friends and a place where you have to plant bigger seeds…. and .. if ya don’t… well then, we might all just be really really fuck’d ! ” XLterrestrials analyst


- Want to get really really angry? … Want to wake up from the nightmares surrounding us ? … Qant to know what you should be doing these next weeks to educate about the ?#?cop21? summit… Start here to learn about the coporate terror :

The Age Of Stupid ( full doc )


State of Climate Emergency – JOIN US IN PARIS !

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Follow Democracy Now! coverage

Live from Paris

>> WATCH: French authorities have canceled a mass march against climate change scheduled for this Sunday. 200,000 people were expected to take to the streets to call for a global deal to avert climate catastrophe. On Tuesday night, hundreds gathered at an emergency meeting in Paris to oppose France’s state of emergency, which prohibits demonstrations for three months. The attendees vowed to protest during the U.N. climate talks. Democracy Now! will broadcast live from Paris for two weeks starting Monday. Follow our on-the-ground updates on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter. #COP21 #climatechange #climatejustice

Good reports from:

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung like this one from Ken Henshaw from Nigeria

The Internationalist -

BIGGER STRATEGIES / MOVEMENTS ( to begin this topic which we hope to expand on in later segments ) :

The Leap Manifesto




IF you would like to help an independent arts + praxis Org cover the issues and think outside-the-terror-boxes … consider donating to the XLterrestrials, so we can invest a sharper, full-time focus on these issues the next weeks, and create a really potent resource guide for gobal citizens to become a part of the solutions !

Also coming soon :

< 16.12 – Weds. > CiTiZEN KiNO #48: An XLt Guide to Corporate Terror and/or Inhabitable Futures at Spektrum, Berlin

( a tactical media event and public forum to navigate the challenges we face, and to upgrade to collective community intelligence )

to be cont.

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