1st world Problems in Btropolis ?! ( Part 2 )


{ Cat 5 Hurricane * }

To which conference do we send the XLterrestrials to 2day : #UNCOMMONS or #WOHNUNGSFRAGE ??! …. 1st world problems in Btropolis ;)

Last nite following some goood tactical talks at Wohnungsfrage, we got ourselves into a ridiculous debate at the bar about whether Ubu-webby Kenneth Goldsmith is a dick, useless, an ego-tripper, career opportunist, white privileged douchebag and/or poetry killer ? We were arguing all of the above !

When we got home we surfed a little about the Cat 5 Hurricane crashing into Mexico and the refugee boats in the Mediterranean getting attacked by masked men attempting to prevent them from arriving on the EU shores,  and often leaving them to drown.

Last night we weren’t so sure, but this morning we woke up and felt pretty sure we won the argument.  At least we all hugged at the end.

1st World problems in Btropolis !

Today we hope we’ll stay more focused, and not let the heaviness of the world and sillier time-wasting conflicts pull us down.

< Okt. 22-24 > Uncommons at Volksbuehne, Berlin

Today : 3:00 p.m.: What could be our commons?
With Michel Bauwens (P2P Foundation, Chiang Mai) and Yochai Benkler (Harvard University, Boston). Moderation: Max Haiven (Radical Imagination Project, Halifax).

to be cont.

{ * actually a foto of Isabel (2003) not Patricia ( 2015 ) }

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