If At First U Don’t Succeed, Try Stealing $700,000,000,000 AGain…

[ UK Guardian's Steve Bell ]

You know those bad dreams where the really horrible part starts to loop in slow motion… Yep, they really are so desperate they’re gonna try and steal $700 billion twice in broad daylight! WAKE UP! This is more than just a bad dream!

They are trying to pitch it like SOMETHING Has To Be Done, and yeah, something has to be done… they’ve left an 8 fucking yearlong mess, but the answers could range from anything from sending Paulson – “the Sachman” – and his Washington Wall Street crony crew out into the Pacific in a dingy without a paddle and a dozen cans of tuna fish until they find the island Elba or Alcatraz … to setting up a real rescue plan that involves restructuring the world’s most suspicious and volatile enterprise with safeguards against crackheads with yachts and calculators and dim NeoCon bulbs.

But NOOO, the beady-eyed plan is to send the Same Fuckin Bill round the table twice as if their shit’s gonna smell better with age!

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Don’t have time to assemble some good links on the issues (try Democracy Now, CommonDreams, Counterpunch ), but we noticed this morning that the IMF jumped into the ring to add more pressure and this comment says it all:

“The IMF is dominated by the USA. So it telling the USA to sort out the bail out is simply the US president telling the IMF to tell Congress to sort out the bail out. Who do they think they are fooling!?”

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Looks like we are going to need some IDEAS FOR MOVEMENT… Coming Soon:

Stay tune 4 Excerpts from an excellent zine we picked up at ESF: Turbulence


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