XLterrestrials Back Online + CiTiZEN KiNO (#46) on RECLAIMING the HOME Planet !



Dear XLt Friends and newcomers, we’ve been away !  We’ve been tangled in an inglorious battle to keep our projects alive on THE NET. It’s been TECH HELL ! Over a month w/o access to our website and XLT mails ( new contact: here . If your mails bounced, please write us again there.). But we’ve learned a lot in this temporary digital absentia. We’re all in deep shit in ways we hadn’t even begun to imagine ;) … More on all that in an upcoming article.

But first, we have great news: Our next CiTiZEN KiNO is coming soon to Spektrum in Berlin, and it is perhaps of more concern than any cybernetic labyrinth; It’s about the HOUSING STRUGGLES, an immediate life + death issue for all of us living in the rising, tossing, gentrifucking waves of the Global Casino Krapitalism…


{ SF Graffiti image by Political Gridlock / fotographed by Hanna Quevedo }

< Oct 21 > CiTIZEN KiNO #46: Gentrifucking Lubricants & Notausgang, on Housing struggles, shelter + mobility rights, refugee crisis, the neo-Con and re-colonialisms. At Spektrum, Berlin

gentrifucking lubricants
& notausgang

In the rabid new predatory climate, housing costs are now at the root of an indentured servitude, our trappings in the krapitalist economy. As a prime example, San Francisco is a city already floating in a kind of luxury excess gruel of irrelevant bubbles and agendas, and an array of manipulative industry imagined and managed by technocratic Cloudfarts.

And yet still XLterrestrial analysts found it to be a place shining light on the urgent directives to retain autonomy and sovereignty in the midst of these vicious games. Fight the system of exorbitant blood-sucking rents, land + property controls and you will be closer to a more tangible and inhabitable freedom.

Strategies to take this battle on are not obvious. Each territory has unique angles and urgencies, but for certain it’s a nasty global trend ! As we battle policy legislation, combat crony govts. with wacky-ass neo-liberal turbo drivers, as we resist forced evictions, or show solidarity for every new threatened social center and community space, we also can lose touch with many pro-active resources and creative maker- modes of living, outside and beyond the walls. Those things and places which nourish us on a daily basis.

As Bucky Fuller ingeniously said, ” You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. ” But if your ideas are being preemptively shut-down, blocked, co-opted, and your time and energy are being harnessed by profiteers and 1% agendas,  and the costs of living have colonized you, your movements can be effectively derailed, and territories lost. You cannot create alternatives if you’re wearing shackles designed by the economic system, and especially if you have no ground to stand on !

We’re not here to present easy answers to all that, we’re hear to listen. We stir it all up in front of your face, and see if , together, we have ideas to advance our causes and find those willing to join the fight to stay free !

And we will explore a variety of metropolitan and rural area forms of cultural resistance, in the struggle for affordable and alternative housing.

You can participate in the collection of media for the program, make suggestions, join the discussions for C-KiNO #46, here on the Titan Pad.

And the Frackbook invite is here. Please invite your friends and spread the word!

Similar themes were presented in San Francisco, for C-KiNO #42 at the Noisebridge hacklab back in January 2015, here’s some of our notes + thoughts from then. So #46 is a bit of a continuation, and we’ll be comparing the California and German situations, and reporting back to Berliners what the fight looks like in the SF bay Area, and what we’ve learned, and what we’ve taken to heart, and who + what we’ve been inspired by.

Next Up :

Back From / Into The Dead Zone!

Next Up, we’ll explore in essay form, what it means to lose your access to the web, and to find yourself over-invested in digital communications.

more coming soon !

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