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Dear arts+praxis friends and organisms,

The XLterrestrials are back in Btropolis and we are reloading + relaunching our CiTiZEN KiNO series – a situational and cinematic engagement for tactical explorations.


CiTiZEN KINO #45.1: A Heartwarming Rejection Of The Uninhabitable Technospheres

- A hybrid of film, theater, webs, hacker culture, art happening and public forum
to analyze + address urgent topics in times of endangered collective-intelligence and severe environmental disruption !  ( more about the content below. ) -

< This Weds, Sept. 9th >
at Spektrum in Neukoelln.
Bürknerstraße 12,  Berlin
Doors at 19:00h.
Media navigations begin at 20:00h (punctual)
by Donations / Spende


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This event marks FIVE years for us developing new media techniques to analyze and address the environmental, planetary and social challenges ahead. And while we feel we’ve come along way in our research, techniques and productions, we are NOT a business-oriented species, and we’d really appreciate your SUPPORT – financial, and otherwise – to help us put the ideas into better and broader action.

We will continue to keep the events LOW-to-NO cost for the public, but we ask you to consider:

1. How important is it for you to see arts and praxis operating in new territories for your community? 2. How much can I give to make this kind of engaged work continue? 3. And what resources- in addition to a ticket price or any generous financial donation – might I have which can contribute to the advancement of arts + media education and collective-community upgrades in these precarious and dangerous times ? 4. Do you know that the planet is in serious trouble ?

Contact us if you have any questions, suggestions and/or would like to be a donor:
pod (at) XLterrestrials (dot) org

We hope you will find the time to join us for the event(s) this season !
and Deep Respex !

dr. Podinski and the XLterrestrials


CiTiZEN KiNO #45.1: A Heartwarming Rejection Of The Uninhabitable Technospheres

In this episode, we examine the technotopian and anthropocentric delusions that have landed us in a perilous, unstable and over-mediated environment. The clock is ticking. Krapitalism is licking at our heels. And rapid shifts being brought on by technological innovations are digging us deeper into a nasty vortex of market-mangling realities and corporate capture. Is there an exit to this spiralling crisis of civilzation ?! We ask, we provoke, we detourn, we collectively engage !

We’ve just returned after a year of deep-fried and traumatizing ;) research in CALIFORKYA – Land of Technopoly Money + Dysneytopia Uber-Alles ! This is clearly a No Picnic Zone for diverse humans and other living species. And Oh Boy, have we got tales to tell !

We also include a report back from Chaos Communications Camp, the world’s largest convergence of hackers in the semi-wild outskirts of the usual-urban configurations. And we ask where is the tech sector resistance in relation to all the earth-bound species now in the claws of the “disembodied and unsustainable agendas”.  Could a convergence in the woods every 2 years to strategize new social and technical operating systems, be enough to re-calibrate humans to their realworld, vegetational and species’ habitats? … Every 2 weeks ?! ;)

And of course, we have some astounding media we want to watch together with you, and see how you will react and respond !


About C-KINO:

C-KiNO events are a hybrid of film, internet, theater, hacker culture, art happening and public forum. Each program is an interactive and tactical media performance, a live multi-dimensional cinema with co-curated screenings at its core. This is an ongoing series presented once-a-month at various venues, with the goal of planting a new “open-source” media platform to utilize a/v media materials with a passionate desire ( and urgency ) to upgrade community + collective intelligence in these predatory times.

For the last 5 years, C-KINO ( mostly based in Berlin ) has been exploring new routes in media education, and working extensively with the genre of expanded or live cinema. But our techniques are less about the film arts and more about navigating a new community media communications which encourages a public re-embodiment of information, as opposed to passive downloads, cubicle-ized culture and spectacle/entertainment forms.




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