CiTiZEN KiNO #45.1 work-in-progress, any sponsors out there ?


{ Poster image remixed from La Antena film * from 2007 }

CiTiZEN KiNO is back in Btropolis, and we are re-launching the series. Actually we did our first show upon returning at the Chaos Communications Camp, and now working on material to do a kind of report back from the tech resistance sector at an exciting new venue in Neukoelln, Spektrum Berlin.

We are hunting for sponsors, investors, patrons, etc.. So if you would like help support the project, please be in touch !

< 09.09 > CiTiZEN KiNO #45.1 – a heartwarming rejection of the uninhabitable technospheres, at Spektrum-Berlin.

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Tech requirements: A projector, a screen, amplified sound, a microphone or 2.

CiTiZEN Kino is a hybrid of curated screenings, theater, interactive happening, and public forum. Each episode analyzes urgent topics in our extremely precarious times by utilizing a collection of film and media, and enagaging the audience to participate in navigating the critical SITUTATIONS.

We call it “cinema hacking” or “media self-defense” and/or a public media navigation system.

In addition we make it a form of interactive infotainment, as well as a deconstruction of Spectacle, by rejecting the usual passive spectator and the hypnotic capture of screen-culture.

We add a character element into all presentations, and often include special guests and experts into the mix. And we playfully provoke the audiences to go beyond the limitations of mediated forms, but encouraging collective engagement and a re-embodiment of information !

CiTiZEN KiNO #45.1 titled ” A Heartwarming Rejection of The Uninhabitable Technospheres ” examines our society seduced and entranced by the powers of technology and mass media, which currently distracts us from the planet’s own living, multi-dimensional and multi-species communications.

C-KiNO is arts + activism at its most passionate ! And your support in helping us to develop this project is also a request to support new + critical experiments in arts+activism !


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