Press Freedom Under Siege In Germany ! #Landesverrat


A sad, stupid and disturbing day in German politics !!

Markus Beckedahl (left) the editor-in-chief of Andre Meister asst. editor ( and also a longtime Indymedia contributor ) were earlier this year given a prize by the govt. of Germany as part of the “Land of Ideas” competition. The site also won the prestigious Grimme-Preis, a German media award, in 2014. BUT as of 2day they are being investigated for TREASON, in an outrageous attempt to intimidate the media (+ sources and whistblowers) for reporting on leaked documents.

Read more here:…/after-publishing-secret-spy…/

And it’s a media storm today in German and international press. UK Guardian’s most recent story claims that the investigation has been halted, but this has not been confirmed by any other media, and the calls for solidarity w/ Netzpolitik and a DEMO on Aug. 1st – Sa. 14:00h in Berlin are STILL ON !

Please follow this story… And if you’re on twitter at #landesverrat … And feel free to spread this flyer… And/or any others out there…


Calling all XLterrestrials and friendly organisms !! See You In The Streets !

One twitter-er deftly pointed out the absurdity :

Zara Rahman @zararah 13h13 hours ago That @netzpolitik could appear on this list (alongside Hitler), blows my mind # Landesverrat

Added: The Intercept’s report by Morgan Marquis-Boire@headhntr

And if there’s any good news from this, the last time this sort of overreach was displayed was in 1962. It led to the defence minister, Franz Josef Strauss being forced to resign after treason charges were brought against the news weekly Der Spiegel for a cover story alleging West Germany’s armed forces were unprepared to defend it against the communist threat in the cold war. Hmmm…. history repeats?

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