Community Arts Exchange : Make Art / Earn Cash / Spread Activism


{ We call this one the XLt wormhole logo, which is the what the football-like object on the right supposedly represents }

Make Art / Earn Cash / Spread Activism

XLterrestrials propose a LOGO CONTEST !

A community arts exchange idea , a work-in-progress

So XLterrestrials and CiTIiZEN KiNO, our 2 current main projects both need a wider outreach (marketing) to make it economically viable to continue, or rather continue to expand – in order to have more viable impact on current social situations.

So we are thinking of launching a little Logo design contest, which is not the usual “crowdsource exploitation game”, but an investment towards one’s own DIY mercantile output, and/or a percentage harvest. That is, IF we use your design, you will receive a percentage of sales. If you produce the merchandise yourself, the percentages flip and you receive the lion’s share, while providing us a small percentage for being an XLT representative, and using our identity and concepts.

Note: a dedicated arts and activism project w/ a growing international network from years of touring and linking with good causes. Everything from NGO work w/ orgs like Greenpeace and EFF, to Indymedia activism, pirate+ community radio, at least a dozen hacklabs, and numerous arts venues and cinemas around the world.

% : Percentage figures still needing some strategy and consideration, but could also include a north-south ’solidarity re-calibration factor’ ). ….

Any thoughts on that !? We’d love to hear from our friends out there. As we brainstorm for finding ways to keep our autonomy, but also to continue grow and expand our collaborations… and raise funds for our latest endeavors… which include information campaigns on the upcoming Climate Summit in Paris, CiTiZEN KiNO as a media education platform, and our ongoing arts +politics + praxis analysis.

Thx for reading,

The XLt Productions team ( in Btropolis )

Please feel free to fwd to all your graphicly-inclined friends !

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