Spot Krapitalism Before It’s Too Late ! Resources for the EU Crisis …


Resources for the Universal Grexit !

+ How to Spot Krapitalism in Your Govt. Before It’s Too Late !


Well, hard to say whether or not we consider Greece exiting the EU a positive direction, but it would be far better to argue for the EU ( and the planet ) to exit Krapitalism * !

We’ll try to organize these resources in some logical manner, but for now we’re just going to throw them up as they come our way:

- Greece’s capitulation reveals deep conflicts within Eurozone by Jerome Roos at ROAR

- The Tactical Tech Collective posts Open Democracy’s 12 step guide to the EU’s crisis of political responsibility

- Exclusive: Yanis Varoufakis opens up about his five month battle to save Greece by Harry Lambert, New Statesman [ Full TRanscript Here ]

- How Fascist Capitalism Functions: The Case Of Greece, Zerohedge


- The problem of Greece is not only a tragedy. It is a lie. by John Pilger

- “Greece Brought a Latte to a Gunfight” by Yves Smith, Naked Capitalism

- And to keep a sense of humor, according to Mr.Panos, Greece is planning a trap ! … to save the world !

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* On Krapitalism: We wish to reframe the debate and put more focus on a highly dangerous operating system, which is no longer even that questionable thing called Capitalism. We are dealing with a global, transnational corporate capitalism, highly regulated/manipulated/enforced by the 1%, the banks, IMF, etc.

No longer steered by nation-states, and fueled by a frenzied and panicking neo-liberal ideology and shock doctrine.  Using another terminology is to by-pass those wearying and polarizing debates around free markets, capitalism vs. socialism – marxism – communism, communalism, etc. Sure there’s important stuff and zillions of subtleties to discuss in those complexities and histprical contexts… But more importantly the planet and our societies and cultures are right now in peril due to this new “Krapitalism”. And we are 100% Anti-Krapitalism !

This should be easier to put alot more of us on the same page, and alot easier to align the 99% in solidarity ! To be against Anti-Krapitalism, would make it easier to identify all those against even any sort of democratic capitalism as clearly a dangerous, fascist krapitalism. ( see Tyler Durden’s article at Zerohedge above ).

Of course we’re not daft enough to think that one modest “podopolog” can change the language, but we experiment and point to possible new directions, new tacts,  and invite you to try out our new terms. :)

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