1000x Amelies Rising: XLt Summer Blurbs


XLterrestrials To/From Greece+Beyond With LOve !

::: ” We send you a mental image of a 1000 Amelies putting glues in all the robo-bureaucrats shoes ! Solidarity, pranks, revolt, community, counterculture seductions and romance ! We will win ! ::::

The Summer’s getting HOT… here’s a few from our recommended blurbs to get you further ENGAGED ! And support Your local activists, artists, galeries, venues, mom+pop shops, producers, multi-kulti makers, etc …

In Berlin :


< July 9 > Leszek exhibition opening at Pigasus Galerie, 19h, Berlin

[ fedbook invite ]


< July 11 > Event in Fluxbau, Pfuelstr.5 an der Spree. 16h bis ?



< July 7-12 > Rigaerstr. || 25 Years of Self-organizing and Resistance

more coming soon !

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