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New CiTiZEN KiNO Shows, and New XLt Strategies …

It has been said, by an XLterrestrial analyst in a very bad mood, that “the art world is dead… if you are busy putting pictures up on gallery walls today, you are engaged in postcard artpostcards from HELL …  And this will do almost nothing to save the planet from the shit-stew it’s currently boiling in.”

We can assume this analyst is referring to the ecological crises and the current predatory corporate disorder, which clearly has no plans for resolving the systemic destruction of our shared habitat .

But, with that said, even visual and graphic Arts need some reformatted future objectives, and practically-speaking selling ART OBJECTS are one safe means ( i.e., as opposed to robbing banks ) to fuel those rocket ships of PRAXIS ( i.e. community evolution) in these undeniably, warlike times.

And NO ONE could argue that the XLterrestrials do not need to rethink their own economical structures … We must empower ourselves to be capable of realizing the necessary work ahead.


The last days we’ve been really brainstorming on how to keep the arts+community projects that we do alive… Times are bad for making a livelihood from meaningful art; And anxiety is high for XLterrestrials who want to keep a focus on media education, artivism, and tactical organizing !

[ We plan to develop new CiTiZEN KiNO programs to address the challenges at the upcoming climate summit in Paris - COP21 - Dec.2015. ]

We’ve been on an “LA retreat ” and it has either
melted our brains OR given us that Xtra kick to push things over the (materialist) edge, and to go for some artworld gaming strategies. And some new ideas and directions are coming together…

Here’s a glimpse…

The Future objectives:

For an upcoming exhibition in _____.  ( multiple locations being considered,
because this game pretty much has to be string of things and venues to make it feasible, floatable, proitable, produceable, replicatable , re-saleable ) in the Fall
We’re trying to make time to focus a little more on OBJECT ART to sustain the media education and performance series and independent workshops called CiTiZEN Cinema. To be able to sell ART works to fuel our various endeavors.


So we’ve been working on our collection of FAUX MOVIE POSTERS printed up
in the tradition of Polish Poster Art… See above + below (attached) some work
in progress including a timely piece related to David Bowie’s ( and
Nicholas Roeg ) subject matter in The Man Who Fell To Earth. In CiTiZEN KiNO #9, we referenced this work to examine the virtual alienations and the over-mediated society. ( And Bowie recently announced a Broadway production based on the classic 70s sci-fi flick,  coming soon to NYC ).

We also discovered some new techniques for “posters” as a MOTION GRAPHICS DISPLAY  ( using the latest vj tools ) to be presented w/ the for-sale print posters, but these are on flat screens , video art genre ( which we normally are opposed to, but that’s a long story) poster size or perhaps embedded in smaller object casings ). Perhaps just one motion piece for the initial phase, and several in larger shows.

These are very subtle, ambient movement, kind of like Eno’s generative art paintings, light paintings, which made a big splash some years ago ( but of course
Eno could pick his nose and have it hung in galleries around the world ).
So, for us to break into the game is a huge challenge.

This was also a territory pioneered – long before Eno – by kinetic artist Frank Malina the California-Czech rocket scientist turned artist in the 50s, to steer his life + work away from the Military Industrial Complex. A heroic character, and a huge inspiration for XLterrestrals BTW, we attended his retrospective at the Kampa Museum in Prague some years ago, and wrote about that. We also met his son Roger, who continues to run Leonardo/The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (Leonardo/ISAST) from Paris and SF .

Anyway, the idea, before these become a poster exhibition, is to produce a catalogue  (or at least a demo of one )  of 5 YEARS of Citizen Cinema with ALL 45 original collage posters, possibly more. And accompanying texts, which are elaborate, and somewhat poetic  descriptions of what each show has been
analyzing for social challenges AND change in our epic, unprecedented and precarious times…

By publishing this catalogue of C-kino events – it will make for very viable
merchandise ( plus t-shirts ) to be able to sell during future episodes and while tour of the Cinema performances… And each show/episode is “oder-able” as a LIVE performance for local cinema venues + festivals anywhere. Film festivals, in particular are are now frequently looking for how film presentations can be Expanded, this genre exist for many years already ). And we are available
as a group to customize new shows, to be developed for one’s “local struggles /issues”.

This also becomes part of our perks for the upcoming INDIEGOGO campaign,
which is then essentially donating to buy the catalogue/book w/ extras,
signed, membership card/tix for all live shows, etc.

This book will require some hired-gun professionals / layout / designers to
collaborate with, an editor, etc. So one of the things we are now pitching to “producers ” and publishers, is to finance this product. If you are an artist or designer wishing to be on the team, by all means, contact us !

And if your interested to publish, yes, LET’S DO THIS !

A few posters attached, juicy archives to wet your appetites, and get your investor wallets out !


We may still need a more official art residency / retreat to fully flesh-out and complete some of these directions. Please send us any recommendations if ya have any appropriate for: graphic arts, film and media, activism, and performing arts… All mediums apply to our work currently.

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