the Apple-Swift Ads, Giant Candy Worms for the masses ?!


So, how orchestrated is this new love affair between Apple and Taylor Swift ?!…

One thing’s for sure, this is really working out great as a huge PR score for both of them. Critical thinking is absolutely required in these predatory times, and if you read this Washington Times post on the matter, and read a little between the lines, you’ll realize there are a few players fighting to be King of the Hill in an industry worth billions. This is total business POP ( and add one more “0″ ) !

Our XLterrestrial analysts on the new digital music environments weigh in:

“Look, TAYLOR SWIFT did not take the apple music dept. exec to an abandoned warehouse hideout in the port of Djibouti, tie him up and flagellate him until he surrendered all plundering colonial desires to suck the lifeblood out of musicians. No, she did not attempt to rescue apple laborers from a taiwanese sweatshop, nor did she take her iphone and smash it to tiny bits on prime time tv and scream ” You fuckin NSA collaborators, you suck the beast’s big silicon TiT ! ” … she ( and/or her handlers ) kindly negotiated a very minor shift in apple’s cut-throat empire-ambitions which in-general tend to screw your ability to make a decent and autonomous livelihood as an artist for the rest of corporate digital eternity in HELL… Yawn ! ” dr.Podinski

… while thinking and listening to KPFK’s pretty excellent radio programs ( and happily surprised that radio lives ! ) while bicycling down sunset strip in LAla-land, where celebs provide the masses with an endless amount of candy worms to suck on.

We’ll come back to give a few props+links to some inspiring radio djs there, who are serving up some obscure non-commercial genius, that taylor and apple will not be supporting anytime soon !

Of course, this topic requires some deeper investigative article, which we may not have time for… [ please insert Donations here ;) ] …

Better to consult a different Taylor !  For now, we’ll mention once again Astra Taylor, an author and indie filmmaker, whose razor-sharp analysis in The People’s Platform ( now out in paperback )  is a MUST READ for anyone trying to understand the battles ahead for all content producers in the new digital territories.


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