Eyeless in LAla ! Retribution for these Googleplex times !


Having snapped a front lawn tweety bird, it’s eyes mauled out of its head by an unknown satisfied puppy…

Desperately we try to piece together meaning by grabbing a mediated form here, a video clip there, a snapshot while walking down to the park. And then posting it up somewhere in this thinnest thread to a distant and amputatedly virtual community.

Firstly, never assume that one’s mood can be snatched from the abyss by randomly attaching a scream for affection and understanding from the bodiless web! It’s a self-flagellation, an addictive habit, a stab at opiates and escapism via dirty corporate needles, nerd scoring and technocracy.

When you’re in this underbelly mood, one might flee to a record collection, if we had one anymore… instead it’s a youtube search.

No one, repeat No One, should be subjected to advertising when one’s reached into an obscure nostalgic wound and salve… To pull out something as off-the-grid genius as the band Eyeless In Gaza and then listen to some clawing insipid advert for McFleisch and Starfart productions is psychological torture.

Those who have acquired tastes so far from the mainstream gutters do not deserve your fetid sales stew ! What are you thinking !? This could cause train wrecks, societal breakdown, violent episodes, manic and panic frenzies, children going blind from too much fastfoodculture masturbation, permanent psychic disruption ! (That last part we’re sure is intentional, a calculated capture-all business plan to become empire at all collateral-damage costs).

Googleplex, Listen! (We know you’re Not listening) … But do understand, there will be serious repercussions for such vulgarity , venal degeneracy, loathsome self-interest, and brainwave fatty injections + wholesale collective-hive plunderings !

eyeless in Lala < :: > transcience blues

eyeless in LAla < :: > kodak ghosts run amok

eyeless in LaLa < :: >> seven years

Let the people bear witness to your shit servings ! ( E.I.G, we thank you for these compositions, and apologize for reposting the links from the most parasitic of hosts. )

Google, you will have to pay for this ! It will cost you, and the price will make your horded billions look like the pasty gruel that gets served to CEOs exiled from the art commons, sentenced to a lifetime in a strip mall cell w/ every other beastly plastic-hearted robo-cannibal dumbfucks licking at each other’s toe jam to make a buck !

Advertisements embedded in high art which you are not worthy of owning is akin to eco-terror and concrete jungle leechismĀ  !

True Art will have your heads stuffed like trophy toys held high on petards in the people’s hunting-lodge-streets !

These violations will incite the uprising which will know no bounds for liberating culture from intestinal corporate parasites like you !

to be cont.

In all seriousness, this is a dada-preface for a serious investigation into what it means for society when the technological revolution is driven by krapitalism. How will such technologies shape our being and our social interactions ?!

Investigating and analyzing new innovations like “Soli” at Google ATAP. And what this means when put into context of the current realities of a surveillance state and a digitally-hyper-active plunge into the consumer void.

We need your support to write and produce these articles. If you would like to donate to the XLterrestrials lab, please contact us. :)

to be cont.



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