XLt projects + investigations on the horizon, your support welcome !


A few weeks back we had planned to launch an Indiegogo campaign. This has been indefinitely postponed. While we still consider raising “seed capital” to be a crucial factor in continuing and expanding our tactical arts, the time+effort involved to do the campaigning ( and production of perks) is beyond our capacities currently. We will come back to this !

But for now, we ask you for your support in a more simplistic format. If you would like to be a patron, and donate to XLterrestials and CiTiZEN KiNO media experiments and arts+praxis education please contact us for our paypal address. ( and/ or other routes )

MANY HEARTFELT THANKS to those who have helped so far, and the recent contributions which have given us more power to keep creating our upcoming EU shows this summer ( a schedule coming soon ).

AND we have a half-dozen or so XLT investigative articles we’d like to get completed this summer. We’d like to complete a CiTiZEN KiNO trailer, to provide a glimpse to venues and sponsors and YOU what the C-KiNO events have looked like in the past. And to stay in the flow of production, we are scheduling our final US shows in the Spectacle capital of Los Angelost, and preparing for an EU return.

coming soon, a list of articles we’ve started and hope to get out to you very soon.


- The Anthropocene revisited + resisted !
( McKenzie Wark’s Molecular Red reviewed
w/ a view toward indigenous relations as a coalition against the environmental disruption )

- Yes Men Are Revolting
interventions in the accelerated spectacle
interviews w/ Mike + Andy and all their alter egos, Laura Nix, etc.
( for Otherzine )

- SF + LA, two cities that eat themselves in perpetual motion of  Tomorrowland ( an overview of the Housing Crisis and the Arts+Culture crises, the roots of our refusal to play Survivor )

- Only 100 more years of Deep Fossil Fried !?
Corporate Climate Snuff , the G7 Fail, Paris COP and the upcoming battle lines…

- i/o : Abandoned Villages, the return to elsewhere…

~ tbc ~

( Our current soundtrack to keep us inspired in the tumultuous land of the lost – X ’s Wild Gift – 1981 )

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