The Accelerated Spectacle, XLt in LALa, Upcoming…


XLterrestrials in LAla land again…

Upcoming Events / Action-packed :


< June 7th > Truthdig presents The Moral Imperative of Revolt w/ Chris Hedges and Sonali Kolkatkar and Zaude Kaufman, Aratani Theater, LA – 4:30pm

< June 9th > The Yes Men Are Revolting, free sneak preview of the new film from, yep, the Yes Men ! at the Hammer Museum, LA. w/ Q+A, + reception. 7:30pm ( come early ). FREE !


< June 18 > The Yes Men Are Revolting at Cinefamily w/ director and producer present. in LA, 611 N Fairfax Ave.

Interesting to note in distribution strategies, that they’ve gone straight to Vimeo-on-demand, and on itunes ( movies ). You can watch the trailer here, looks phenomenal, hysterical …  and further embedding the social consciousness w/ devious and contagious ideas.

< June 9th > The Invisible Committee’s “To Our Friends” Semiotexte book release w/ translator Robert Hurley at The Public School, 951 Chung King Road, LA.

Wouldn’t that be extraordinary to have these 3 things happening all at once in the same room, rubbing up against each other, sparks flying, tears + passions + compassion, laughter, unruly anger, impossibilities…

It won’t happen , so we’ll have to juxtapose them in our minds for now… and see what mutations and/or coalitions arise. :)

The Accelerated Spectacle

Some preview thoughts… possible questions for interviews… wrangling with contradictions and over-mediations… emergency response to stupid political tricks and global mayhem. :)

coming soon.

And more blurby action for LAla land to come…

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