FuCk BURNING MAn ! Do something REAL this summer !


Perhaps we can cultivate a new ‘Leave No Trace’ ethics … in regard to the last 500 years! And not have to go binge-shopping at a Kmart in Reno to create an ephemeral + simulated Disney-esque Tomorrowland weekend in the desert as a process of awakening to the plight of the earth and our dismal social operating systems.”  XLterrestrials post-burner analyst

HEY remember Boyan Slat ? the brilliant, passionate 17yr old kid ( now in his early 20s) who gave a SERIOUS TED-X talk about trying to clean up all that fuckin plastic in the pacific ?!

He’s creating a MEGA EXPEDITION fleet of up to 50 SHIPS to further research the problem. IN AUGUST ! And he’s got FUNDING… and he’s looking for available sailing vessels and skippers… SERIOUS MONEY.

fwd > thanks to a generous contributor, we are now able to offer:
* 500 USD finder’s fee if you help us find a boat
* Up to 3500 USD for the skipper
* Up to 10000 USD for the vessel owner

PM us and we’ll send you the call … btw, XLterrestrials wouldn’t mind splitting a finders fee, or joining the expedition, if we can get funded. Of course you can find the project site [ The Ocean Clean Up here], and skip contacting us. But if ya found the project here first, and appreciate our arts+praxis blog, say hi and thx. It will keep us inspired to keep digging for and relaying the EXTRAORDINARY info.

AND many thanks to Becha ( at Technologia Incognita ) for sending us the call. It has made us begin today with big smiles, and filled our hearts with even Bigger Dreams ! <3 !! If we get any finders fee, we’ll split it with the great T.I. hacklab in Amsterdam.


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