CiTiZEN KiNO #44 : The Bitmaker’s Afterlife and FuNdRaisER updates ( new )


{ C-Kino #44 work-in-progress }

< April 16th > CiTiZEN KiNO #44: The Bitmaker’s Afterlife, at Artists Television Access, w/ special guests and fundraiser launch party (part 1). 8:30 pm. 992 Valencia St, SF

the Frackbook invite ( if you’re so inclined )

We are continuously collecting an amazing archive for our upcoming show of media bits that will help you navigate Neo-Liberal and Neo-Libertarian Gentrification, Silicon Valley’s Technotopian Occupations, and the apocalyptic endgame of The Anthropocene-sters, which is NOT inevitable.

Yes 3 themes, a 3-headed mess, we’ve been deeply researching over the last few years, squeezed fresh for new XLterrestrials analysis, all in one show ! But wait, there’s more ! We don’t just navigate, we propose a future social organism, a new operating system and upgrades to higher intelligence, without the systemic parasites sucking all your space-time continuum and all the material realities of your earthbound existence.

And we are launching an Indiegogo campaign, very very soon ! more news coming ! Stay tune ! And if you’d like to donate already, contact us. We need your support to spread the arts+praxis revolutions !

We’re working on gifts and investor premiums for C-KiNO patrons + donors + super heroes. i.e. Catacomb-Kino-club card memberships, signed XLterrestrials movie posters, Globalista soundtracks for your daily resistance, your spring+summer fertility rites and all your liberatory+autonomous zone pleasures. Or make premium suggestions, while we’re still brainstorming :) !


{ a new poster, please feel free to spread it ! }


A possible playlist – work-in-progress- below…

But, for those who are unfamiliar with our “cinema hacking” approach, this is not entirely about the media we screen. We wish to provoke debates. We experiment with new ways of presenting audio/visual media, in order to free ourselves from the usual mass-mediated codes, and to provide a platform to respond to the information shared.

CK44 materials : excerpts from Naomi Klein’s talk in Berlin at the Haus Der Kulturen last month ( now up on vimeo in Eng and DE, if yur inclined to do the homework ), the California premiere of Bendito Machine v.5 from peruvian artist Jossie Malis, the mini-doc on Deep Lab – The All-Women Hacker Collective Making Art About the Post-Snowden Age, Elon Musk Captured by Rainn Wilson for Metaphysical Milkshake ( deconstructed ), and possibly even stolen footage from Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner 2 ;)

And many many more… a small sampling : a Mercedes Benz demo robot car, an unusual hacked or modified Grand Theft Auto scene, animator Sylvain Chomet’s collaboration w/ Stromae, excerpts from 31c3 Chaos Communications Congress, and more to be added…

And you can still suggest media you think is relevant to the topics, or suggest any resources you think can help us navigate these problems… CiTiZEN KiNO aims to push further the frontiers for collectively co-curated social arts + praxis events.

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