CiTiZEN KiNO eastside tour + FUNDRAiSER


It’s time to think BIG ! … There’s too little time for anything else…

The Social Organisms are requiring a re-plant, a re-seeding, a re-harvesting… And a few matriarchal interventions !

So the XLterrestrials are launching a FUNDRAISER ! To help fund our east-side cultural exchange .. our upcoming tour…

We’re heading on the road with Nomadic Village 2015, a project visiting the rural zones of eastern europe to research autonomous zones, healthier neighborhoods, sustainable collaborations, arts+praxis for the peeps ! etc.


Points on the Road:

< May 21–30 > 1st Nomadic Village @ C.M.A.K./Slovenia

< May31-June19 > Galeria Nowhere/Travelling Exhibition

< June 20-28 > 2nd (Urban) Nomadic Village @ Water Tower Art Fest, Sophia

< July > Austria ( TBA )

If you are in these areas during May thru July, get in touch with us… we are seeking collaborations and inviting special guests to participate in the upcoming CiTiZEN KiNO shows on this tour.

XLterrestrials contact Here


{ more info on our remaining SF BAY shows > go here }

Ongoing California Tour, March/April/May :

AND before we go, we have some important events to pull off in the SF BAY Area:

< April 16 > Artists Television Access, SF

< April TBA > Internet Archive, SF

< April TBA > Omni Commons, Oakland


FUNDRAISER ! Coming Soon !

Standby for am Indiegogo campaign News … and have we got some juicy incentives for you to contribute to fertile and fuzzy resistance !

more info to come…

Below is an excerpt from our proposal for Nomadic Village:

A.) Concept:

CiTiZEN KiNO is a hybrid of film, internet, theater, hacker culture, happening and public forum. Each program is an interactive and tactical media performance, a live multi-dimensional cinema with co-curated screenings at its core. An ongoing series of events used to upgrade community + collective intelligence.

For the last 4 years, C-KINO (based in Berlin)  has been pioneering and exploring new routes in media education, and working extensively with the genre of  expanded or live cinema. But our techniques are less about the film arts and more about navigating a new community media communications which encourages a public re-embodiment of information, as opposed to passive downloads, cubicle-ized culture and spectacle/entertainment forms.

Our process for making/curating each episode involves engaging the local + Glocal citizens. We post a theme ( usually a topic of social urgency ) that we wish to analyze and gather media on, and then doing some outreach a few weeks before the show. Normally we use our XLterrestrials blog and a link to a pirate pad URL for this.

Any extra materials submitted/collected are then incorporate into our playlist. Then, on the evening of the program we collectively navigate these resources.  Using either ProVideoPlayer or Q-Lab, a moderator character – dr. podinski ( a psychomedia analyst from The XLterrestrials ) together with special panelists ( sought out from the region/neighborhood with experience on the topics) are asked to join us.  We then cue up the pieces in a live mix, discussing the topics with our assembled citizens. Performance elements are also welcomed-in to break the 4th wall and turn the cinema environment into a “playspace” of ideas… i.e. we do humorous and challenging experiments w/ the audience to engage them deeper, transforming them into active collaborators, Live music, and theatrical personas and xtras are also welcomed into the mix.

B.) Who we are

We are community organisms, psychomedia analysts, writers, vj/dj/xj-s and co-creators of the XLterrestrials, an arts + praxis laboratory, currently based in Berlin. With backgrounds in theater, film and media activism, we have created work in collaboration with blahblahblah …

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