Left Coast Stammtisch – Eastbay/Westbay



* Stammtisch – translates to a table for the tribe(s), … a reserved table, usually at a local Bierstube / pub for a regularly attending group.

Social Laboratory nights for upgrading collective intelligence:

A Stammtisch in Berlin was founded by the Telekommunisten, a politically engaged collective art group to have informal weekly gatherings of fellow alien minds in the field of arts + politics + economics … or whatever it is that you do. Amidst their busy schedules intervening in digital culture ( contributing to open-source software, crypto-parties, security+share concerns and strategies, creating manifestos for a ‘far copyleft’ Net, and worker-owned models, etc. ).  They’ve been hosting these salon-like meet-ups for over 11 years, providing a face-2-face space + ’social glue’ for a very vibrant scene… of social thinkers and tinkerers.

Arts + Politics + Cultures of Resistance + in-the-flesh connections … We propose a Leftcoast Stammtisch, cause we desperately need a high quality place to hang, where there’s seriously good music … and even better… collaborative schemes being hatched … A new resource for SF Bay Area peeps !

Stay tune for (venue) locations for both the Eastbay + SF… and if you’d like to join the conversation threads .. there’s a new facecrack page called the Left Coast Stammtisch. Join us!

to be cont.

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