The Leaked ZappaBush Wedding Photos …


Washington Post reports today that Jeb Bush, Columba and Frank Zappa were wedded in 1974 , by photographer Marvin Bush. Here’s the WaPo facts. ( In short, the story goes, Marvin used the same roll of film twice, and all but one of Jeb’s wedding fotos were destroyed … by a Zappa concert. )

But we’ve got more …

Truth be told, the XLterrestrials believe this WAPO bizness is to pre-emptively cover for fotos of Marvin, Jeb and Columba on the Sheik Yerbouti Tour in 1977, which are undoubtedly going to surface during the 2016 campaign, so why wait til then…

XLterrestrials are currently processing the leaked photos. More coming Soon !


The Even More Real story behind #ZappaBush is that all this useless, disembodied information has taken a toll on our brains…

Why, it’s almost as useless as electoral politics in a neo-liberal house of smoke and horror$… ( Bush vs. Clinton 2016, Holy FUCK ! )

Why it’s almost as pathetic as all that 24/7 streaming crap-hose of a corporate press…

Who makes all this viral web nonsense ?!

Welcome to The WWW Spambots R Us, one of the cybernetic regime’s greatest achievements.

Welcome user, (unpaid) content-generator, pusher/product, cyber-suckers ! Your planet’s in peril, But nevermind THat ! Welcome to this endless realm of clickbaitery and brain-drain time+space colonialism !

Welcome to the virtual and wallowing wonderbread wasteland !

[ This ad is NOT an endorsement of GoogleAppleAmazonRepublicanDemocratNSA ]

to be cont.

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