Resisting The Paralysis of Apocalyptic Predictions


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“Never scream alone, when everyone around you is in the same intolerable boat !” XLt collective analyst

So the last few nights we’ve been perusing some of the deep analysis doomsayers, and as much as we can agree that humans currently appear to be “up shit creek, clueless, and without a paddle”, and that in many cases we are being lied to about the severity of the crises, a total collapse scenario is not one we should get comfortable and cuddle with, but rather view as a portal to extraordinary¬† paradigm-shifting and/or transmigrational times.

Without being in denial about the state of the planet and civilization, challenged on multiple fronts: ecological, political, economical, psychological, spiritual, etc., it makes no tactical sense to submit to the logic of the end times, to bow out and begin to chant “Om” with our friends … and enemies.

There are far too many variables, possibilities and unforseen factors that might not only counter the so-called terminal diagnosis of the human species, but should give you absolute courage…¬† to reject any further abuse.

We will try to come back and counter the arguments and positions of specific authors ( until we can give sufficient replies, we’ll leave the names ambiguous for now ) who have concluded that the science is all in, and the trajectory is irreversible.

While it’s not inconceivable, nor even really debatable, that humans are now driving the earth to mass extinction, it is far more important to stay focused on the mitigation of the destructive systems in which we are being pinned and trapped. And it is far more exhilarating, empowering and productive in such dangerous situations to conceive the new paths for solidarity and collective liberation. And far more respectful to become compassionate actors in various initiatives and strategies which advance the channels and options for those who have already been dragged down and oppressed by the toxic swamps of a systemic deathwish, greed and recklessness.

The times have perhaps never been more ripe for epic-scale change !

to be cont.

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