CiTiZEN KiNO #42: “The Occupied Territories” (part 2)


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XLterrestrials presents
CiTiZEN KiNO #42:
“The Occupied Territories”

< Friday, Jan. 30th >
At: Station 40
3030b 16th Street, SF, CA.
21:00h – 19:30h
by Donation


CiTiZEN KiNO is a Berlin-based series of events to inspire
collective intelligence and new forms of arts + praxis. A hybrid of film,
internet, theater, hacker culture and public forum to analyze and
strategize around urgent social issues.
Currently on tour in the US.

Episode #42 is “The Occupied Territories” – alternative routes in the
fight for housing and autonomy.

In today’s neo-liberal commodification of Everything, housing has become
the most vicious and predatory marketplace. To settle in any major city
around the world, one must submit to the rule of property owners who will
frequently extract the lion’s share of hard-earned income. And for those
who live in precarious situations and economic instabilty, one is
perpetually subject to a form of economic terrorism. Pay up, or survive in
the streets !

Shelter is a human right! And to establish any kind of self-determination
and dignity in a city existence, we must ultimately be the masters or
co-creators of our inhabited space, or else we remain subject to new
parasitic and colonial contexts. The rules of this game are deeply
entrenched in the current operating systems, and it is not an easy road
from the here+now to full autonomy and liberated communities. But clearly
this is a root matter in reclaiming the power to establish new structures
for living beyond the feeding frenzies.

In this episode, we’ll explore a variety of longhaul paths to get there.
From the historic battles for squat culture in Europe in places like
Berlin, Netherlands, Spain and Denmark to the experimental fringes of
urban renewal in places like Detroit.

w/ Special guests including Kt Andresky co-founder of The Yes Farm, and Cindy Milstein from Station 40.

arts + praxis organisms

flyer attached …

FEEDBACK, edit suggestions and additions MOST WELCOME !

ADDED: Here’s our pirate pad link ( * this link may be down ! ) for contributing media and ideas, coming soon ! ( Actually this is from CK#41 Occupied Territories Part 1 in Nov. 2014, but no reason to set up a new page. And we will use resources from part 1 for part 2, many clips, which we obviously had no time to use in one show )

NOTE: piratepad link may be down. We will attempt to reconstruct the resources list and post on this blogpage below. coming soon.

If you are reading this in the SF Bay area, feel free to stop by the Valencia Grafitti Wall in it’s full mesmerizing beauty of free expression between 23rd ad 24th St. – click on image to enlarge :


{ street art from Political Gridlock , mucho thx to YoSoy132BayArea – warning: frackbook link -  for alerting us }

Got a grafitti wall in YOUR neighborhood ?! Make one today !!


An excellent resource, Thx PM PRESS and all the contributors…

If you happen to be in Netherlands this weekend, coincidentally one of the editors of the book will be speaking at the always lovely and tactical 2DH5 conference, this year in Utrecht !

In solidarity !

Speaking of which, have a fun listen here. Ton Steine Scherben 1971 :

it’s not the lack of time
it’s not the lack of energy
it’s not about the money
it’s not the lack of power

everything that we want, we can get
when we want, all the talk will go silent.
we’re not afraid to fight
when the goal is freedom

the only thing left we need
is the solidarity

it’s not the lack of hope
it’s not that there’s no boat
it’s not the lack of energy
it’s not that there’s no boat

the only thing left we need
is the solidarity

From the band that made some of the best political music in Germany. Still inspires the autonomous movements today, and who played a central role in the occupation of the Rauch Haus ( named after Georg Von Rauch a militant activist who was killed by police ) which still exists today.

to be cont.

Pirate Pad Resources posted below … luckily we had copied it, but this is missing a few days of new and updated links, we will try to add to it when we can, and repair the hyperlinks :

Warning, this is a messy sketchpad of various voices…


WE are currently preparing for CiTiZEN KinO #42 : The OCCUPED TERRITORIES part TWO

at Station 40 in SF on Friday Jan 30th, 2015

Below is our resource page for CK #41….. same topic, feel free to add to our resources here….

And read more about our framing of the issues for CK#42 here:

Pirate Pad for CiTiZEN KiNO #41 :
“The Occupied Territories”
on the housing struggles and resisting the landlord colonies !

A work-in-progress, we’ll present a series of shows on this theme in the SF Bay Area ( and ? )  in November and December.

Our first version premieres Nov.14th at @noisebridge CiTiZEN KiNO #41: The Occupied Territories, can home & shelter as traded commodities and rent traps STILL be hacked !?

Your are invited to work with us on strategizing on this theme, sharing media clips, links, ideas, etc. HERE on the Piratepad.

Backround :

possible themes include:

Some features already in our archives:

Mittendrin ( about the Tacheles – a squatted east Berlin ruins transformed into an Art Haus – and 90s gentrification )

Paths Through Utopias (about squats and communes around Europe ),

Squat – la ville est à nous (2011) – ( squat movement in Barcelona, and the collective called Kollektivs Miles de Viviendas – a 1000 houses )

Ecumenopolis: city without limits (2011) – about Istanbul Gentrification

Leftvision Clips
( recent Berlin immigrant resistance, occupied school )
against forced evictions

And one suggested film so far:

Shelter – a squatumentary

A bunch of youtube clips on Shelter Hacking:

Artist Gregory Kloehn Builds Homeless Shelters Out Of Trash

“Humble Homes, Simple Shacks” by Derek “Deek” Diedricksen.


Roller pods

Niki Raapana and Alaska Gertees

related features and projects to pull excerpts from:

the spanish robinhood enric duran:
Come back (2014 )

Christiania – 40 years of occupation

Garbage Warrior
Commune by Jonathan Berman

Calafou, Spain
Rauchhaus, Berlin
Amsterdam Squats
Ungdomshuset ( battle ), CPH

excerpts from Adam Curtis ‘
All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace
( section on 60s communes )

Whole Earth Catalogue era ( deconstructed )

<david @dcht00
HACKBASES: Hackerspaces, but not just “third places” ( )
Hackers are celebrated as the avantgarde of technology and hackerspaces as their awesome labs. But the reality is that all these technologist are still renting appartments, and working full-time jobs to be able to pay them + the car to commute to work.
Hackbases = hackerspace+commune
Hackbases are about enabling full use of the hacker class creative potential.

:) thx david !


This interview during the streetfights at mainzerstraße could be interesting I thought.


500,000  euro, 1,700 Cops, Helicopter, Tank, Water Cannon: The Eviction of  Pizzeria Anarchia in Vienna  with youtube footage of the civic frenzy.

Year 2000
Meet The Realtors ( in SF Mission )


This one’s for all you hacklabbers out there:

What’s Up Hong Kong?

( though one might ask: if you were going to all that trouble, something a bit more tactical than a roof selfie … next time bring a situationist poet with you ! )

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