Man Castle Ridley, The Illiterate Commercial


Ridley Scott’s making Philip K. Dick’s Man In The High Castle … for BBC TV and now via Amazon. Perhaps you’ve already noticed: Episode 1 is already available.

The image above is, in part, taken from one of the original covers for PKD’s 1962 Hugo award-winning alternate history tale in which the Axis powers are present within the US as the victors of WW2. It weaves an ingenious social analysis of a totalitarian state from that odd and uncomfortably close scenario.

The XLterrestrials respond !

1st off, BOYCOTT Amazon ( an NSA partner, now in the business of hosting their servers as they surveil and archive your ass. Just one of Many miserable corporate monopoly practices. ) ! ….

2nd, OH NO! We fear Ridley Scott once again turning pure genius social fiction into his own diluted product. This time a BBC TV Series … a Noir melodrama perhaps ?! … Let us guess: US, Germany and Japan all become romanticly involved w/ robots at the end … and fly away to smooth jazz Vangelis music. :)

People don’t remember, or perhaps they never knew…

FRANKLY, Scott should have had his license to adapt novels taken away in 1982 ! ;) You see, Ridley apparently doesn’t read.

XLterrestrials have been developing a project for some time now, ripe and ready for touring when the long-threatened Blade Runner II comes out, to explain JUST HOW BAD Ridley Scott’s first adaptation of PKD actually was…

Missing almost Every profound plotline and detail in “Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep” … (  making it a great work of zeitgeist art on the scale of Orwell’s 1984, Brave New World, Brothers Karamazov, Heart of Darkness or The Dispossessed). From the nearly uninhabitable toxic nuclear wasteland-Earth to the irony of consumerism and ( the vanities of ) owning artificial life on a dead+poisoned planet to the total piss-take on morally-impaired killer cop-hunter culture to what it means to be human vs. a corporate creation … etc.etc.etc.

We know this may be hard to swallow!  The look and feel of the film seduced us all ! You see, Ridley’s Blade Runner remains an incredible cult-status testament … to the stupidity of cash-cowing Hollywood … and Hollywood audiences … Both.

You see, as much as it may have been pioneering in its well-crafted Mise-en-scène future, this was an absolute content and context FAIL, and yet we all love it as one of THE sci-fi movie classics of all time ! Way too few people know anything about the master’s visionary, and disturbingly prophetic book ( Think: Fukushima, Drones, A.I., Ferguson ). Ah, the power of Hollywood, Dont’cha love it !?

Ripe and Ready we tell ya ! … PRODUCERS WANTED ! … Contact us before the planet becomes entirely illiterate and/or a toxic wasteland and/or a Hollywood drive-by shooting ;)



{ a CiTiZEN KiNO educational production }

To be honest we’re highly curious what plotline abominations will occur in Ridley’s version of The Castle, but for sure we won’t be giving a penny to Amazon. A true corporate monstrosity. But hey, let us know what ya think !


{ Back to the 80s }

The point here, if it needs to be repeated ( which apparently it does, given some of the comments we’ve received in various social media) is that no one should be under the delusion that the cigar-chompers of Hollywood have anything to offer in terms of a critique of corporate capitalism and the role cops play in our post-modern and “technologically-waterboarded” ( by greasy idols+pop cults streamed 24/7 ) society. Does anyone seriously think he will properly portray the nuanced analogies to contemporary society and the US’s own fascist and imperialist tendencies in his version of The Man In The High Castle ?! Or will he just be raiding PKD’s popularity again for its cashbox value and/or simply b/c he knows it’s quality material that he can get his grubby hands on ?!

Added: Keep in mind this is the same slime-bucket who took Pentagon money and rode around in Pentagon-approved helicopters to tell the tragic story of WHITE PEOPLE in MOGADISHU !  Is there even a Somalian person speaking in the film? … nevermind the Bechdel test, which come to think of it is even more pathetic when applied to docu-fiction.

We confronted Scott at the Berlinale Film Festival in 2005 about the dangers of Hollywood making films for the Military Entertainment Complex, as he sat on a panel with extraordinary artists like Dante Ferreti ( art director for Fellini, and later Scorcese ) discussing a theme called “Designing The Future.” An educational program for emerging artists, the evening began by screening a banal and tedious 10 MINUTE COMMERCIAL he made for PRADA with his daughter Jordan, who was in the audience.  And when we asked him: what he thought about Hollywood making movies in collaboration with the Vapid Consumer Industries AND the Pentagon, and if he thought by doing so, would we – the next generation – have ANY FUTURE LEFT TO DESIGN ?

And he had the gall to tell a house of up to 600 young aspiring filmmakers that Blackhawk Down was not war propaganda, that it was about the tragedy of war. ( And the moderator quickly steered the debate to something else ).

On the contrary, Micheal Moore, Chris Hedges and Oliver Stone have all called it War Porn ! Other astute critics have called it essentially a recruitment film which appeals to the comraderie of (mercenary + colonialist) soldiers, others have described it as simply a British white man’s horribly misconceived tear-jerker script about poor white victims as they poured fuel onto the fire of an essentially African tragedy !

* A Note on the image above: The text behind the party hat is a copyright tag reading “graphic leftovers”. But for us it added to the illiteracy humor, by having reversed it and made it unreadable. And come to think of it, wearing a hat with a copyright/owner’s tag on it suits Ridley well, as he buys his way into the PKD estate, while displaying so little respect for the original works. Sadly, it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever see another filmed feature of Electric Sheep, it’ll go down in history as the sci-fi classic, owned and distorted by Scott, Hollywood and Warner Brothers.

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