Now THere’s A Sharp Pen Calling Out The BULLSHIT ! #CharlieHebdo


Now THere’s A Sharp Pen ! #CharlieHebdo

No, we don’t mean the cartoon artist above – Mark Knight, Herald Sun, we mean the incredible analysis provided by Corey Oakley in REDFLAG, an Alternative Socialist newspaper out of Australia. His piece is called Charlie Hebdo and the hypocrisy of pencils … And it’s like this whole can of worms, and all the debates we’ve been getting into on this squirmy matter, have finally been given the proper context and a fully articulated light. A must read !

we might feel the need to post more resources on this story, or it may be time to move on to other work, but if you feel you still need some exceptional clarification on the issues at stake, we recommend Glenn Greenwald’s piece for The Intercept, and cartoonist Joe Sacco’s take …

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