ESF tales + the XLt Headlines and Tactical Hits links/demo

Added: We never found time for any in-depth analysis of ESF, but we just received word this week ( Oct.15) that the new zine TURBULENCE in the UK has some reports HERE.

While heading to the ESF in Malmo we had started compiling a post-NeoCon Territories Pirate Map ( i.e. Safe Harbors + FreeZones ) to distribute, but THat became a concept for a much longer-term publishing project. So for now, and for purposes of sewing quick seeds with our globalista comrades and fellow eco-Orgs, we printed up this XLt cover above for the latest Podinski sampler: Farther East: Balkan 2 Baltica mix. Contact us if you’d like to get ahold of one, it will help fuel your drunken boat (i.e. passions) through those gray Fall days! And we’ll post new Podinski playlists ( + reviews and new releases) in the o2: Podopolog Musika page at some point.

So here’s the links for those 2008 top-hits Headlines thus far ( please be aware our comments at wordpress are still not working, and these were selected articles that have received the most hits/attention of late ):

ESF and the Globalista Elections // The Meaning Of Cern and the Race to Power // 3 Years After Katrina, RNC + DNC Protest Zones // Speaking of Irreal Estates: Republicrats and the Perpetual Love Parade of More Troops // The Telematic Age (part 1+2): Nevermind the shiny new apps, what’s in it for humanity ??! // Summer Of Cruel Love, Baby. Kill your Avatars !

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And coming soon: ESF Dispatch / Analysis and fotos… here’s a quik teaser:

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