In Memoriam and Solidarity for Aaron Swartz !


< Nov.8 >  Aaron Swartz Day At The Internet Archive, 6pm

On what would have been Aaron Swartz’s 28th birthday (November 8, 1986 – January 11, 2013) , a planet-wide event begins today to honor his dreams of making the world a better place! To protest the injustices of his and others’ thuggish persecution. And to mobilize the movements further !

We finally had time to catch “The Internet’s Own Boy” in full, and it’s very emotional stuff, and probably best to watch and share it together with your friends + community … rather than absorbing it alone in the cubicle mode.

If you’re in SF Bay area, the most extraordinary place to gather and see it is an event at the Internet Archive being organized by Lisa Rein, a co-founder of Creative Commons and a friend of Aaron’s. It’s been out for some months ( at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival on January 20, 2014), and many who work in this field will have already caught it, but there will be a potent mix of speakers with lots of updates- Barlow, April Glaser, Trevor Tim, Brewster Kale, etc, and the maker of the doc – Brian Knappenberger – on hand for a Q+A, after.

A 2-day Hackathon has already kicked in there ( 11am ), and at probably dozens of other cities… officially confirmed so far: Berlin, Boston, Buenos Aires, Houston, Kathmandu, Los Angeles, Magdeberg, New York, Oakland, Oxford, and San Francisco.

Make your own, 2day, 2morw, wherever, whenever !


We’re currently in the midst of a weird experiment, simultaneously reading through Cory Doctorow’s latest Information Doesn’t Want To Be Free and James Lovelock’s original Gaia – A New Look At Life on Earth 1st published in 1979.

As you can read in earlier plog posts we’ve been having our own confrontational debate w/ the entangled Datacentric worlds brought on by a digital revolution and a technologically-occupied society. All research for expanding and updating our CiTiZEN KiNO show critiquing Technotopia. And now tentatively scheduled to premiere at the Internet Archive in <December >. The best possible venue we could imagine to create a forum on this material.

Cory’s featured in the doc on Swartz, and it’s a sharp and eloquent moment, and he even drops his guard, and gets fleshy and soggy-eyed. It made us want to clear the air, and remind anyone following our recent critical analysis that we deeply respect the warriors on the technological front. And their work is helping us form our own views and strategies in the liberation struggles.



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