The European Social Forum … and The 2008 Globalista Elections (+ Actions)

The 2008 Globalista Elections:

Yes or No on United States Re-entry to Planet Earth ?

Last June, Slavoj Zizek was in NYC participating in the Left Forum on the topic Resist, Attack, Undermine: Where Are We 40 Years After 68? Also interviewed by Amy Goodman in two full programs on Democracy Now, Zizek in usual provocative form commented on US Elections, suggesting that everyone EXCEPT citizens of the US should vote on the next head of global Empire.

It later occurred to the XL Terrestrials to not only take him seriously, but in fact go further with the idea, and more effectively initiate a more up-to-date democracy through a kind of Anti- or Inverted Survivor Game Show to enact truer representation and practical deconstruction of this urgent matter. That is, not in order to vote the U.S. OFF THE ISLAND for all it’s inability to survive sustainably and play well with others, but rather to attempt by popular (or unpopular) vote to re-integrate their selected presidential candidates back into the planetary sitcom as full-fledged human characters. In this way, not only can Obama, McCain and their predecessors all be appearing in more than just the debut prime-time episode of, shall we call it just a working title, “When The Shit Hits The Fan For Real”, but also be held fully accountable for past and present global ratings. Ideally we’d like to see something in a medium other than downloadable simulations. Standby as we work out the logistics on that one…

(+ Actions)

Meanwhile back on the ground and far away from the misery of electoral “simulants”, we recently discovered to what extent the European Social Forum in Sweden will embark in essence on an even more ambitious and practical enactment of global democratic ideals. And XL Terrestrials will be on hand the next days to report upon its ideas, its reverberations, its results, and perhaps even a few of its failings.

About: ” From September 17th to 21st 2008 the European Social Forum (ESF) is being held in Malmö, in the south of Sweden. The forum is by far the biggest meeting place for social movements and a progressive civil society in Europe – with the aim to create a better Europe and a better world. More than 20 000 people are expected to participate in Malmö. During five days over 200 seminars and workshops will be mixed with even more culture, film, music, informal meetings, activism and demonstrations.”

We just tabulated there are over 70 musical acts… and over 100 films just on the cultural side of things… Hmm, lets see that would be about 200 hours, or 8+ days non-stop watching… uhuh, Standby for the XLT reviews : )

And here’s just a tiny glimpse of a few seminars, a full schedule PDF is here:

Colonialism and imperialism on trial!

The time has come to demand that the mechanisms of colonialism and imperialism be made to stand trial! For too long those structures of oppression have hindered us from living in accordance with our convictions and desires. During this tribunal we will hear testimony from members of the organized movements. From the witnesstand we will accuse the oppressive forces of crimes against humanity.

Reclaiming the city: resisting evictions, demolition, gentrification, privatisation, speculation..

Neo-liberal policies, financial globalisation and global city competition heavily affect urban life and struggles. Millions of people from lower classes get pushed out of their neighbourhoods and houses. Based on an exchange of recent experiences with struggles against neo-liberal urban transformations in Istanbul, Germany, and Russia we want to discuss options for internationalised resistance.

Economic alternatives to neoliberalism – Alternatives, Visions and Strategies

This seminar contends that neoliberal capitalism is a failing economic world order. Visions, ideas and political praxis to replace it are discussed from both a political and scientific perspective. A just economy, whether a “working” capitalism or a socialism, must remove the repressive characteristics of current capitalism, becoming a functional utopia. How do we go about creating a just economy?

An Ecofeminist Gathering for All Our Relations

Vandana Shiva, Berit Åhs, Elisabet Hermodsson among others, gives us VOICES OF THE ELDERS Kenyan friends and young drama people from Skåne gives us voices from the future Together we perform a Council of All Beings The green thinktank Cogito is arranging this unique mobilization for respect and reverence for all living beings to formulate new visions

(+ + Actions)

And maybe that all sounds pretty pie-in-the-sky jabber without action, so for those with black and green-er @-thumbs so-to-speak, there’s also some parallel activities by European Peace Action here.

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