CiTiZEN KiNO #41: The Occupied Territories



The next episode on The Cali-cidal Tendencies Tour…

< Friday Nov 14th > CiTiZEN KiNO #41: The Occupied Territories on the housing struggles at Noisebridge, SF – doors at 20:00h w/ intro films. C-kino performance begins at 21:00h

Our XLt analysts ask: Can Home & Shelter as traded market commodities and rent traps STILL be hacked !?

What is C-KiNO ?

It’s media self-defense,
it’s cinema hacking,
it’s curated screenings mixed with performance and community
It’s screen and nettime anarchy, and 4th wall experiments.
It’s ripping gaping holes in the spectacle 2.0, and getting you out of
your comfy over-mediated seats to strategize in the embodied urban
dimensions and on multiple fronts ! It’s indigenous and feminist-infused corporate capitalist critique, and community lab organizing.

Each episode takes on a theme of critical engagement w/ an urgent sociological non-fiction dilemma … this month’s theme : The Occupied Territories, more here

COLLABORATE : And there’s a PIRATE PAD (notes) so you can participate right NOW! It’s for developing the playlist, sharing your thoughts, suggestions, tactics , blowing our minds, etc. It’s a part of the expanded-citizen-cinema platform + concept to make the research and media playlist available open source and rhizomatic, you can make a version of CiTiZEN KiNO wherever you are [ Help needed ].

the Fedbook invite here ( an evil social media convenience , at your own risk. )

And more XLterrestrials analysis on hacking the housing problems, coming soon ! We’re furiously researching, and all your suggestions welcome …

to be cont.


Added :: Follow-up ::

So we had a Great Audience at Noisebridge, and we engaged everyone in a little XLterrestrial experiment towards the end of the C-Kino media playlist. In order to expand our visions for solutions to housing, and raise the bar for our horizons and what we actually want. We asked people to suggest things we could fight for, beyond what we might deem winnable in election scenarios, beyond the electoral crumbs. Each participant wrote them out on an index card, and was told they should create a pseudonym…

We felt like we should fine-tune the questions, to really think outside the current box of struggles, but we’ll hopefully get a chance to try this experiment again, and we’d like to write more analysis on the results, but for now, here’s most of what came in :

[ Many Thx to X-X for typing up the cards ]

- landlords cannot raise new rent based on highest bids
- housing market value should match what minimum wage earners are able to afford

- landlords facilitate the living but don’t dictate it
- when moving out, ‘traces of usage’ are OK
- in an ideal world, landlords wouldn’t ‘pick’ the tenants; but would go both
- landlords should treat tenants more like customers

- protect squats
- elderly residents cannot be evicted

- Should we recognize housing as a human right?
- democratize the land?
- mandatory sliding scale rent?
- convert unused/vacant properties into [?] housed?

- All families must own a home before any individual can own more than one home

- every person gets to choose where they want to live (or stay) based on 1/3 of
income - no matter what

- city/aid trust (renters = owners)
- transfer all the titles to Ohlone ownership. Decisions made by consensus in a
sweat lodge

- Don’t allow outside property owners (people controlling rental property have to be
local members of the city/community where they live)
- Impose rent-caps to level playing field
- Rent can be “paid” through community/civil service

The Hidden Hand
- Introduce European Socialism
- Buy the houses as public assets
- Pin prices to family
- Allow tall buildings

Red Sheep
- Rents can only increase by 1% per year, if at all

- Making $ off land going to the complete community ownership w/5 year plan
- Relook @ building codes, i.e. materials
- It’s OK to live in recycled places - shacks, teepees, etc.
- Coop ownerships for each building and everyone responsible for upkeep

- Buildings that are empty and abandoned for 4 months are turned into cooperatively
owned high-density housing

- Public subsidies for low-income housing
- Subsidized or gov’t run communal resource buildings/kitchens/workshops

Tom Pynchon
- what you tear down, you move or rebuild (art space/laundromat, etc.)
- art in residency hostel program(s)
- low-income housing according to local income data


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