Slow Tech, B.A.C.H., and the new CiTiZEN KiNO #41 themes…


{ Radar and anti-ballistic missile bunker from Cold War 1.0 }

We’ve been using a slide w/ text from the Slow Tech Manifesto ( read in full here ) combined with an image of the Nekoma Safeguard Complex ( aka Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard Complex, which cost a mere $6 billion and was a total strategic and operational FAILURE ) for our latest CiTiZEN KiNO (#40) performances focused on analyzing and critiquing Technotopian ideology. Ranting about the misplaced and wasted resources by the Military Industrial Complex was also our theme for a show we did in Leipzig last summer. ( CiTiZEN KiNO #37 ).

And most recently at the Bay Area Consortium of Hackerspaces (B.A.C.H.) (wiki) unconference for a ‘5-minutes of fame’ concluding session, we wanted to alert the SF Bay Area hacklab community of this new self-reflective and critical territory, which is somewhat more pronounced and developing in places like Berlin and Amsterdam, perhaps because the hacklabs there are more closely associated w/ leftist movements that remain vociferously suspicious of corporate industries and the technological giants.

BACH was a small but ambitious gathering of hacklabbers, mostly from Noisebridge (SF) , Sudo Room and Counter Culture Lab which hosted it at the impressive new autonomous social center called The Omni. An old italian-american club house ( Ligure Club ) built in the 30s, a short stint as a rock club in the 90s + aughts, and now home to nearly a dozen radical social tinkerer orgs. And Sunday was a little pre-launch brunch for-and-by La Commune Cafe / Bookstore in the front room as you enter the building. Sudo and CCL are the two resident hacklabs, one hardware+maker oriented, the other diy biotech. Both of which felt to us could benefit greatly from the alarms being sounded by the Slow Tech Group, Uncivilization listers, and the Unlicensed Psychomedia Analysts ( XLt )… and whoever else out there is working on this, how shall we call it, Post-Ludditean Indigenous Resistance (?). More on those groups later.

Discussions at BACH together with our XLt analyst living in the SF SOMA neighborhood where an increasing number of desperate homeless people ( mostly of color, but not all ) are frequently camped out in the alleys, triggered some new insights for our CiTiZEN KiNO, so we wrote the Noisebridge list with some new thinking…

Hi NB peeps,

The B.A.C.H. weekend was inspiring, and great to see the whole OMNI
project picking up speed on serving the community on a bunch of levels.

During one of the last unconference sessions on “hacking housing” we had a
few insights… kind of basic, but really resonating deeply with some of
our research lately. ONE being that it’s really great when hacker culture
merges with social struggles that deal with the most essential needs of
the peeps. TWO, that the housing crisis is currently one of the most
severe and pressing problems in the Bay Area ( and around the US in
general ). THREE, shelter is a human right and necessity for survival, and
to make a citizenry pay (so excessively) for it, is part of a system of
oppression and neo-colonialism and capitalism run amok. FOUR, we must devise a variety of alternatives !

We decided to start working on the next episode of our
CiTiZEN KiNO ( in SF Bay ), our platform for collectively analyzing various
social struggles and social crises, and figuring out how to organize our
communities around them.

So a working title of : LANDGRABS + LANDLORDS vs. SHELTER

For the shows in Berlin, we will often create a piratepad to allow for
public participation to collect resources, media bits, ideas, etc. and to
begin the discussion of how to make the program as tactical as possible.
( CiTiZEN KiNO is cinema and social media hacking. )

So for anyone interested, here’s the URL


{ Columbus Day “celebrations” in the Mission District }


to be cont…

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