Tales from The Sci-Fi City v.2 … SF Bay Area XLt blurbs


{ snapshot from The Great Martian War, and a remix/edit by Plazma }

< Oct.10 > CiTiZEN KiNO #40.5 : Technotopia – All U Can’t Eat ! Scollan Ranch in Sacramento. ( afraid you’ll have to email us if you want directions ). By donation, to help cover our train costs. Yes, California has a few trains, that actually work. :)

But also more shows to come to SF BAY Area and BEYOND. The XLterrestrials’ Cali-cidal Tour has been extended. We are accepting and considering all invitations to bring CiTiZEN KiNO to your area. All venues, ideas welcome from Tenderloin community centers, to Singularian University, to Man in the High Castles. :)

Other SF Bay Area events… XLt recommends…

< Oct.11/12 > the first unconference of the Bay Area Consortium of Hackerspaces (BACH), this weekend at the Omni Oakland Commons — Sudo Room’s spacious new home! starting at 10am until … all night apparently.

And Sunday is the opening of the Omni’s La Commune Cafe !


< Oct.10 > A presentation of Bjork’s Biophilia Live film project at Grey Area Theater, SF

[ Meetup Link w/ info ]

< Oct. > and Biophilia The Film also playing at Roxie Cinema

[ Fedbook invite ]

< Oct.11 > Othercinema Optronica Part 1 ( expanded cinema ) at ATA, SF

Cresting the new wave of expanded cinema, the Bay Area is discovering new correspondences between the audio and the visual realms. Cross-platform pioneers John Davis and Sweet Tooth manage to create a third voice from the sum of two disciplines–old Soviet newsreels and hand-patched analog synthesizer–in the world premiere of their Spontaneous Order. Brian Darr also brings his own synth, and gongs and ratchets, to conjure up ingenious soundtracks to silent films—Mack Sennett’s frolic of Fatty Arbuckle at our own 1915 World’s Fair, and SF muse Kerry Laitala’s Sadistic Seaweed, a feral homage to the Musee Mechanique, just a short swim away from Treasure Island!  Artist-in-residence at the SF Dump, Jeremy Rourke compresses a garbage-truck of Frisco effluvia into a wildly inspired live-musical animation, A Way of Falling. PLUS Len Lye, Mary Ellen Bute, and Dan Gunning on Flexi-Discs (and free 78rpm records!). $7.77.

[ Fedbook invite ]

< Oct. 26. > Green Apple on the Park: James Tracy’s “Dispatches Against Displacement” – Discussing community, housing, displacement, and solutions to the urban crisis -  at Green Apple Books on the Park, 1231 9th Ave, SF

[ Fedbook invite ]

< Oct.29 > Cory Doctorow discussing his latest  at JCC, SF

Can lesser-known artists still thrive in the Internet era? Can giant record labels avoid alienating their audiences? Science fiction author, activist, journalist and Boing Boing co-editor Cory Doctorow is the former European director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and co-founder of the U.K. Open Rights Group. His latest book, Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free, takes on the state of copyright and creative success in the digital age. He is joined by his partner at Boing Boing, co-editor David Pescovitz, for a conversation about the pitfalls and opportunities that creative industries (and individuals) face today.


And read all about the artists fighting back against evictions and the rising rent gouges here in The Mission Local news !

more coming soon !

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