Is This The End Of The Anthropocene ?! … That was a short-lived era :)



Ironically this beautiful captured image of the Climate Action march of roughly 400,000 peeps in NYC was taken from a civilian-use drone. A fascinating and expanding Re-re-appropriation phenomenon of what began as a hacker hobby, went full-blown into military and surveillance industry , and now is frequently seen used by activists to get a selfie of our resistance cultures.

[ the latest in Hong Kong is truly Spectacular ! But as we've seen with all the uprisings of late, what happens on the ground next will be where the struggles for liberation are... won and/or lost. ]

XLterrestrials might consider this drone phenomenon another example of dumpster-diving in those toxic technotopian dreams. And we wonder if flying them above any civilian populations should be either a license-only operation or banned entirely, because : 1.  public safety ( relatively heavy objects w/ rotary blades, flying overhead, piloted by ANYONE ?! )  2. De-escalation of the gadget world arms race.

Perhaps there c/sh-ould be a clause for media + filmmakers, who would need to get permission from a local community board. Nevermind government institutions like FCC or a FISA-like committee, cause in These Un-Democracy Days they’ve all got built-in back doors and joker card security waivers by authoritarian control. And besides they’re probably all getting heavily invested in Amazon’s Love-Drone Delivery Fantasy!

But we digress…

Is This The End Of The Anthropocene ?!!



In our latest CiTiZEN KiNO episodes, we have been attempting to dig into the root causes of “planet whacking”, namely those over-abundant neo-liberal enterprises that have an absolute faith in technological progress.

Two ideological territories that appear to be driving forces of this raging unsustainability are Enlightenment-Era Science ( patriarchal plundering and industrial-scale nature raping ) and a new growing trend, this intellectual/academia embrace of THE ANTHROPOCENE.

[ And of course there's the economic operating system as a main driver as well. But we'll leave that complexity for another article. ]

Now one has to be rather careful to critique this shit, cause it will immediately land you in one of these: 1. the Neo-Luddite Box or 2. the Anti-Civilization Box or 3. the Progress Troll Box …

We were recently handed the Earth Island Institute issue from Spring 2103 from one of our astute eco-comrades (at the Center for Biological Diversity ) following our CiTiZEN KiNO performances at Noisebridge in San Francisco. Titled: Welcome To The Anthropocene – Manmade. It’s all online of course.

Great article by Raj Patel called “Manthropocene”,  Winifred Bird + Jane Braxton Little called “Radiant Wildlands” about the ongoing calamity of Fukushima, and many others. But the article that perhaps really cuts to the chase is Derrick Jensen’s ” Age of The Sociopath ” .

” The term Anthropocene not only doesn’t help us stop this culture from killing this planet – it contributes directly to the problem it purports to address.”

Another great article that was shared by our colleagues at Technologia Incognito just recently surfaced at TruthOut, by Erica Etelson, who nails it as well ! This goes pretty deep for a one-essay swoop: Is Modern Technology Killing Us?

Gotta love the example of the Bill and Melinda Gates brain-ghetto-ing Eco-Toilets idea at $2000 a pop, something anyone already living on the land can construct together w/ their community and near-zero tech for under $20. We think this kind of technological solutionism should be called “The Golden Philanthropist Poop Scoop “.


It’s gotten way too easy to rant and gaggle about the myriad failures of Technotopia, and we could construct an epic comedy series around it that could probably get about a 4-year run on FOX TV! Uh, guess what: their new series franchise is called Utopia -  pioneering dreamers meet Survivor drama / ethics )… We actually met its Netherlands writer/creator, but that’s another story.

But what matters is the tactics we aim for as solutions-advancing…

In Berlin, there’s a group that’s forming under the banner of  The Slow-Tech Manifesto. ( excerpts coming / See Below ).

In Amsterdam a sharp gathering of tech adepts finally turned the corner and began deconstructing their own nerd cosmologies and delusions. It was a conference in August called Interference. It was unfortunately claiming to be just a one-off.

But a group of us met afterwords and began to strategize how to counter the religion-ary missionary Technotopia.  Taking cues from the most fanatical and bunkering branch cult of Singularity, we figured that the ol’ Eco-topians community – who actually prefer organic fruit + veggies over synthesized Soylent nutrition schemes – would have to upgrade their non-virtualizing and non-reductionist promises to its devoted, collectivizing land-based members. Nope, no 90s Cyber-evangelists nor Petri Friedman Sea-Steaders among us.

That will also require another article, but be warned: The Cult Of A Tree-Sitting Squirrelly Matriarchy is about to reclaim our visions for the future !


A couple footnotes:

1. We don’t use the word Techno-u-topian, cause utopia implies some ideal. We never considered a technologically dominant culture an even remotely utopian dream. Techno-topian somehow sounds more accurate, but perhaps we should migrate to techno-dystopian… whatya think ?!

2. We’ve gotten many requests to post the media archives, the various pieces we’ve been featuring in CiTiZEN KiNO #40 : All You Can’t Eat ! Please stand by, we’re working on that. Thx for your impatience. :)

Added: Below is the complete text of an initial Slow Tech Manifesto in Eng and De … please share….

*Slow Tech Manifesto [English]*

Technology And Society
We believe that technology is not a byproduct to society, but an integral part of it. Rejecting technology is not an option; integrating it more holistically is. Our technological developments are the source of many of our greatest achievements as a species, but they have also enabled some of our most shameful atrocities. The technology we produce is very powerful, increasingly dangerous, and able to exercise ever greater influence over us both as individuals and as a society. Thus, it is necessary to evaluate how the tools we use will work for our individual and collective betterment — and not our debasement. We believe that local communities must determine what their technological society looks like, not global for-profit corporations or governments. Ethics must guide us: we think there are tools which enable us to do things that we as a society should decide will not be done. Speed and convenience do not trump all other values. Self-determination and privacy are fundamental, non-negotiable principles.

Our Goals
As participants in the Slow Tech movement, we seek to find the right pace of technological adoption. We will integrate technology into our lives, but not at the cost of our principles and values. We support decentralized structures so that local communities and individuals may control the technology that effects them. We require full access to our technological tools via open, public standards. We promote general education: adults who are uninformed about technology leave both themselves and their children vulnerable to abuse or exploitation. We think critically about where we are and where we are going. We encourage active participation in our communities regarding the technology we use, and discourage passive acceptance. Finally, we aim to contribute to a network of organizations focusing on related issues at a more specialized level.

Who We Are
The issues brought about by technology effect all of us equally, regardless of social and political categories, and everyone is invited to participate in the Slow Tech movement. In order to achieve our goals, we organize local events to bring together technologists and non-technologists to raise awareness about relevant issues related to technology. We encourage food to be a unifying element at all Slow Tech events, since food, like technology, can bring diverse people together and can provide a communal space to share knowledge and ideas.

*Slow Tech Manifest [Deutsch]*

Technik und Gesellschaft
Wir glauben, Technik ist nicht einfach ein Nebenprodukt der Gesellschaft, sondern wesentlicher Bestandteil unserer Kultur. Technikverweigerung ist keine Option, wir m??chten sie vielmehr ganzheitlich in unser Leben integrieren. Die technische Entwicklung ist Grundlage vieler gro?üer Errungenschaften der Menschheit, hat jedoch auch einige ihrer sch?§ndlichsten Gr?§ueltaten erm??glicht. Die vom Menschen gemachte Technik ist m?§chtig, zunehmend gef?§hrlich und erlangt immer gr???üeren Einfluss auf unser Leben, individuell wie gesellschaftlich. Wir m?ºssen daher dringend pr?ºfen, wie wir die uns zur Verf?ºgung stehenden Werkzeuge zum Wohle von Mensch und Gesellschaft einsetzen k??nnen und nicht zum Zwecke ihrer Unterdr?ºckung. Wir m??chten, dass lokale Gemeinschaften selbst entscheiden, wie eine moderne technikorientierte Gesellschaft f?ºr sie aussehen soll, nicht profitorientierte globale Unternehmen und auch nicht die Regierung. Wir m?ºssen nach ethischen Grunds?§tzen handeln, denn wir haben die technologischen Mittel an der Hand, Dinge zu tun, die niemals getan werden sollten. Schnelligkeit und Bequemlichkeit stehen nicht ?ºber allen anderen Werten, denn Selbstbestimmung und Privatsph?§re sind f?ºr uns fundamentale, nicht verhandelbare Prinzipien.

Unsere Ziele
Als Anh?§nger der Slow-Tech-Bewegung sind wir beim Einsatz von moderner Technik auf der Suche nach dem richtigen Ma?ü und Tempo. Wir binden sie gern in unser Leben ein, jedoch nicht auf Kosten unserer Werte und Prinzipien. Wir unterst?ºtzen dezentrale Strukturen, so dass Einzelne und lokale Gruppen die Kontrolle ?ºber die Technik behalten k??nnen, die auf sie wirkt. Wir verlangen vollen Zugriff auf unsere technischen Werkzeuge mittels offener Standards. Wir werben f?ºr allgemeine Bildung im Bereich Technik, denn unwissende Erwachsene setzen sich selbst und ihre Kinder der Gefahr von Missbrauch und ?úberwachung aus. Wir bedenken achtsam, wo wir stehen und wohin wir gehen. Wir ermuntern zu aktiven Debatten mit unseren Mitmenschen ?ºber die Technik die wir nutzen und raten ab von gleichg?ºltiger Akzeptanz. Nicht zuletzt m??chten wir unseren Beitrag zu einem Netzwerk von Organisationen leisten, die sich auf anspruchsvollem Niveau mit ?§hnlichen und verwandten Fragen besch?§ftigen.

Wer wir sind
Der Umgang mit moderner Technik wirft Probleme auf, die uns alle gleicherma?üen betreffen, egal welchen gesellschaftlichen oder politischen Gruppen wir angeh??ren. Jede und jeder ist eingeladen, Teil der Slow-Tech-Bewegung zu werden. Zur Verwirklichung der genannten Ziele organisieren wir lokale Treffen, auf denen wir technik-affine und technik-ferne Menschen zusammenbringen, um gemeinsam unser Bewusstsein f?ºr die Problematik zu sch?§rfen. Wir ermuntern dazu, Essen als verbindendes Element auf allen Slow-Tech-Treffen einzusetzen. ?Ñhnlich wie Technik, kann Essen verschiedenartige Menschen zusammenbringen und dabei einen Raum zum Austausch von Wissen und Ideen schaffen.

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