CiTiZEN KiNO #40.1 for Interference Fest + The Cali-cidal Tendencies Tour



XLterrestrials On Tour

* New * Please visit the new XLt Tour Page, where you’ll also find a PRESS RELEASE, and ways you can perhaps support us as we construct the itinerary. We plan to present CiTiZEN KiNO at a variety of events and spaces from NOW until Dec. 15, 2014. And we’re also looking further ahead for possibilities + collaborations in 2015.


Upcoming CiTiZEN KiNO dates:

< 11.08 >  C-KiNO #40.1 + Afterparty at Morgenrot Cafe, Berlin 20:00h

< 15.08 > Interference Festival / Conference , Amsterdam

< 16.08 > Interference Party w/ dj Podmosis and many others at Binnenpret, A’dam

< Sept.> The Cali-cidal Tendencies tour, CiTiZEN KiNO events < TBA >

Left Coast Territories – Los Angeles / San Fran / Oakland / Davis

( These dates will be posted very soon, and please contact us if you’d like to assist in the California events )


Our process for developing a program + playlist is still a work-in-progress. One of the ways we want to make the construction of our themes/analysis a bit more open source is to have a notepad for the public to contribute and/or perhaps even re-use for their own C-Kino-style public media navigations.

So here’s the CK40 pirate pad link, where we can discuss the topics, suggest media resources, etc. ! Become an XLterrestrial :)


The XLt Article for The Interference Reader


Hello CiTiZENs, we are the psychomedia analysts from the XLterrestrials, an arts and praxis group currently based in the last remaining tunnels of Btropolis, still under siege, stocking up on brainfood items, counter-cultural maps, re-embodied detournement and freshly-picked perspectives to make it through to the next autonomous zone alive and intact.

We were once an extremely naive project which landed in the midst of the Silicon Valley screams – the Cali-technotopian 90s – in the belly of the IT beast, and we began to hatch an aberration species of insurrectionist events to keep awake the pre-mediated consciousness, like little pre-Apple Inc. organic community pods, keeping a record of living organisms bobbing up and down in the shitstorm ( of agendas), before the next wave of gadgeted colonies could entirely erase the collective memory of rent control, fair wages, job security, health care, world peace, anarchist horizons and fleshy fun in a beautiful physical world.

We initially called it “The Transmigration Of Cinema” and we attempted to take head-on The Spectacle 2.0.

” Living in the future means we can read instant missives from teens living under siege instead of diaries years later, yet cruelty persists. “ – tweeted by Astra Taylor, documentary maker and author of The People’s Platform.

Here we are now, living a Strange Fruit Future in the digital settlements, where Some people get access to all the information, and others to All You Can’t Eat, the former group piles high their profits and power and virtual orgy-time scraped from your hourly un-earthed and uncompensated labor to run the world further into the deepest glory-hole ditch. And there are The Others, who are getting their asses droned into the stone age like the sadist’s best and realest and spectacular-est video game ever. And we all watch !

A sharp Internet Combatant like Astra Taylor may be even too polite in her critique of the game ! Reformers beware ! The digital occupation is showing all the signs of an absolute catastrophe. Unbound silicon caliphates ravaging across the fields,  like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Google’s Eric Schmidt, Facebook’s Zuckerberg team  and their cheerleader media mouthpieces like the Tim O’Reillys, Clay Shirkys, Jeff Jarvises and Kevin Kellys, etc…. to name just an unpopular few.). There’s currently a fundamentalist neo-liberal feeding frenzy, technotopian controller extremists who hold all the techno-cards… or so it seems.

Taylor provides a few glimmers of hope in correcting the balance of empowerments, fighting bravely the feminist and mutli-culturalist and community fronts, but w/ pacifist-like arms tied behind her back, pointing mainly w/ nods toward all the ways the civic-minded might strengthen the institutions that can help redeem our creativity and our world from that bloody gaping maw of advertisers and winner-take-all monopole black holes.

Let’s not forget all these communications and tech tools that exist in a predatory- corporate-capitalist environment. Practically nothing will be used by the masses as any passionate, collective-minded citizen would desire; They’ll more often than not be turned upside down on their head and implemented to suck you and your graphed circles dry.

Might we need to focus on changing the operating system before powerful new tech can be applied ?!!

Just last night as we were surfing the net like the frozen cat being hoisted toward the militarized and interconnected stars of imperial horizons, unable to focus in the flood of information, and all the images of flattened ancient and sacred cities, the fresh-splattered blood of disemboweled, children of the net and the broken-necked indigenous bodies hanging from all the accelerated money trees…

And then we stumbled upon a little dusty cultural treasure, a fire really. Yeah, the dust caught fire !

On the Youtubes, an old Killing Joke song at the peak of punk dissent and self-discovering euphoria , a song called “Pssyche”, a b-side of “Wardance” from around 1980. Fortunately, it was not another mesmerizing eye-candy video, just an image of the 7″ single:  Gene Kelly in a tux and top hat dancing over a body of some previous world war corpses. And just that raw thrashing sound of a young band at a pinnacle of their expressive fury ( no doubt fueled by Thatcherism / Snatcherism ). An inspired music project fresh out of the nest, before the popdom factories even had a chance to boil and squeeze them down into little shrunken product dolls.


” You’re alone in the pack,

you’re feeling like you wanna go home

You’re feeling life’s finished but you keep on going,

the reason is there

You won’t find it till you’ve been and gone

because you’re living a hoax!

Someone’s got you sussed!

Dull your brain or seek inspiration

You feel illusion and then you finally say Transfer

Transform a machine to play with your head

So you can stand back and watch

or take part and learn.

If you don’t know the game,

then you’re still part of it … “

Excerpt. Jaz Coleman / Killing Joke , almost a prescient and situationist nudge towards a hacker manifesto ( 1980 ) Listen Here. ( LOUDLY ).

It was just enough to shake us from the surfing stupor. We were back on our feet.

“As Lacan used to say about Big Data, it’s far more dangerous for man than the atom bomb. “ tweeted Evgeny Morozov about a year ago, feisty take-no-technotopian-prisoners author of The Net Delusion and Click Here to Save Everything.

We are lost without, at the very least, some punk attitude to these all-seeing, all-sucking, all-managing operating systems now. We can’t meander through the endless  “Oil of the 21st century” * and “communicative capitalism” *, through the poppy fields and/or bottomless pits of the disembodied showtime.

We must rise up before the soma poison hits the central nervous system of the collective consciousness. Or else we’ll all lie paralyzed in the web of corporate endgames, and the motherload of transnational black spider data-reaches coming to devour us and our neighborhoods, one by one in our cocooned and misconnected cubicles.


XLterrestrials present CiTiZEN KINO #40 : All You Can’t Eat

All our psychomedia + psychoactive agents got to offer currently is a desperate but blazing tactical maneuver: Going back in mediated history times to re-route the basic Spectacle-code !

Taking cues from Charles Pathe’s day of the newsreels, that 2nd door of the epic new cinema tools, the one that didn’t just lead to 2-hour dreamy avatar-fantasia and phantasm/ escapism, but tactical engagements w/ current events. Enter here:  A hyper-linked, sub-poppied tunnel to the days of the dark room public sphere gatherings.

To hack it ! To ingest it ! To detourn and reconstruct it ! To analyze, and plot ahead ! Absurd maybe yes, but consider this: Here was the moment when the Eyewars* began, and it could have evolved into some platform for open-sourced, collective intelligence, instead we got the short end of the stick, a downloaded dangling feed from the overlords and infowar profiteers. Like a facepluck, ripped out from a whole head, mined and extracted from the whole communing social body. So, can we go back and re-route the game for true citizen upgrades, from it’s original pre-militarized mass media sources ?!! Can we still slip out the back door of this burning digital theater ?!!


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