23rd Chaos Communication Congress: Who Can U Trust ?


The 23rd Chaos Communications Congress, a 4-day data-rich and pioneering geek-social convergence in Berlin is off and running as of Today. We have put out our feelers to catch some reports, and while we’re at it we’re going to reflect a bit about our socio-impressions and perspective-trawls from #22. Meanwhile here’s 23c3’s deep wiki’d resource base… and blogger’s page.


Not much up on these blogs yet as we quikly surfed em… what’s up?? isn’t anybody drinking mate and tweaking til dawn?? ok,here’s one we found so far that jams … from a presenter that gave a talk called In the Absence of Trust. Looks like an up-to-speed arts in action guide : )


Ok, shit, someday we’re gonna have to figure out how this applebaum aka ioerror jammer packs it all in, somethin more than mate fer sure ! his pics ( a few below) will surely make u wish u were there ! $#%*@!

ah coool ! looks like eff.org is there representing big time !










These last 2, Frank and Rop, presented a talk at 22c3 that became one of the primary trajectories of last year’s congress… and we took a quick look at our Datenschleuder ( which means “data slingshot” ) from last year which printed the heavy paper “We lost the war. Welcome to the world of tomorrow” ( will see if we can find the link online… yes of course they’re all up as pdfs… see #89. …For those not familiar, this is Germany’s version of NY’s 2600, an organ for Chaos Computer Club- the xtra-ordinary resource, like a union of sorts for the hackworlds, with chapters throughout the region, but we’ll have to come back to the CCC topic ).


2005 perspective: “We Lost The War…”

As a talk it fell bluntly and really rubbed this hacker hive the wrong way. No one likes to hear they’ve lost, and maybe it was more a provocation than a waving of a white flag, but they carried it both ways , which for the XLTs seemed to hit the mark of lucidity… things were/are never more impossible to define in black and white than NOW. And here they were not resigning but representing in bomb-dropping form to engage ppl in the Next new directives. In contrast, I remember the silicon-panoptimist Joi Ito’s keynote telling us that things are more like Brazil then 1984 ( to sum that reference up, as if to say these new smiley-faced dark ages are more bumbling bureaucracy than evil empire ) … and we wrote him later to say, ” Well actually it’s a little more like a very very bad, way over-budget- and perhaps mass seductive – Hollywood remake of BOTH”, which later became the basis of our whole XLT tour: Transmigration of Cinema.

So in fact, our very 1st (22)C3 had filled our heads for nearly a year and bubbled and brewed, provoked and prodded, alarmed and agitated… and lead us recently to some kind of clay-stage directive/ illumination that reads something like this:

“Perhaps the most important technology of the 21st century will be the on/off switch, only the corpo-pinheads will attempt to make them look like one and the same, if not themselves, forget, which one is real.”

to be cont.

Still awaiting some reports …but for now, here’s a funny fly-by take dropped in the XLT mailbox:

“23C3 was less technical, more fun & party.
I (actually ) met women on the toilets – can’t remember this in the other 2
congresses before”

(ay yes the gender issues in the patriarchal mirroring geekdom abound for those paying attention)

and here’s another quick snapshot :

“the CCC was a great event, more in terms of the
atmosphere and people who were there, much less so as a conference.

many talks were basically stating the obvious and preaching to the
converted with very little dialectics and often time without deeper
insight into the matter.

but, among those presentations i’ve been to, there were also couple of
highlights: jacob’s (applebaum) on apple encryption system, a CCC guy’s lecture on
DIY drones and a lecture on body hacking with some interesting insights
into enhancement/treatment normativity.”

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